Fashion trends that will define autumn/winter 2020

Towards the end, every year brings a fresh collection of designs and shapewear for the aspiring folks to flaunt in the chilling winters. 

So it did this year.

From the neutral color combination to numerous bright shades, spandex fiber wear has been popular among fashion lovers for a perfect fit.

Let me walk you through the most popular winter fashion trends:

  1. PU Leather Coats

Affordability is a major benefit of wearing PU leather coats. Also known as the faux-leather; conduces to cost just a fraction of real leather cost, therefore people who want to have a leather-look for cheap prices can opt for faux-leather as a viable option. 

PU leather coats are lightweight which are easier to pack for travel or wear as everyday attire. The comfort of the material adds a style option for warm or cool weather. Additionally, there are PU jackets available having a faux-fur liner added inside for a cozy, warm option when the winters start to arrive.

2. Boot tucked trousers

The last couple of seasons have been a shred of evidence for a change, even if it means a little extra tugging and arranging.

Boot tucked trousers

If you wish to have a fresh look at the western trend, consider tucking relaxed denim into cowboy boots and try to finish off the appearance with a jean jacket and printed neckerchief.

3. Women Spandex long sleeve tops

Spandex yarn clothes are comparatively lightweight and comfortable to wear for girls. Such tops are resistant to water, has great elasticity, and is durable and strong.

 long sleeve tops

Inviya spandex used for the manufacturing of such articles are of higher quality and is stronger than the rubber, which offers enduring durability of the items. All those who are inclined to infuse spandex clothing into their routine winter style must opt for Inviya infused clothes for a unique appearance.

4. Cozy hoodies

This is the one piece of fashion clothing that lingers at the forefronts of the closet whether it’s snowing or somewhere in-between. 

It’s obviously worth considering a proceeding on a great hoodie, especially when there are so many cozy, yet stylish options this winter season. There’s always room to include a hoodie into your look.

Cozy hoodies

5. Knit sweater

Since its inception, various designers have consolidated knits into their women’s clothing lines. Primarily used for winter clothes for women, knitwear is appearing through new technology and machines that are creating knitting fabrics that can be worn comfortably through the winters and falls.

Knit sweater

6. Nylon-Spandex leggings

The perfect combination of lightweight nylon and bare spandex makes such leggings the best of both worlds.

Nylon-Spandex leggings

These leggings feel just as cozy as cotton for casual wear, on either hand keeping away sweat for working out. The core-spun yarn legging material is a composite for both performance and style.

Spandex manufacturers for such leggings makes with this ideal and extremely flattering fabric blend. These are also high-waisted and squat-proof, it’s great for either you’re doing squats at the gym or cycling to work or lounging on the couch.

So chin up — make leggings everyday winter wear.

7. Belted warm coats

Do you love a wide-leg jean? Yes!

Pair them with a wool coat for an easy and cozy winter look.

Belted warm coats

8. Highneck sweaters

With a pair of textured trousers or plain jeans, opt for a creamy white knit, tucked in or left loose casually.

For a date evening, choose classic yet bold black-and-white tones with a skirt topped with a high neck sweater. Instead of a button-down, choose a high neck sweater to style with a tailored suit this fall season.

SPANDEX the best shapewear ever

SPANDEX the best shapewear ever

Shapewear makes you look and feel confident instantly without doing too much. The problem arises when the question of comfort in the shapewear comes up. With so many options present in the market it becomes really difficult to find a shapewear that is comfortable and at the same time solves its purpose.

To get your hands on the best shapewear we have got one simple trick, look at the fabric composition and opt for the products that have a high percentage of Spandex (14% or more).

Why Spandex? Read further to find the answer.

  1. Spandex is known for its exceptional elasticity

Spandex can stretch over 500% without breaking, which means that the garment can be constructed with little fabric and it will take the exact shape of your body, compressing the bulkiness and giving you the perfect shape.

Note- Spandex shapewears will not make you look slim, but will highlight your curves and will bring out the best of you. 

  1. It is lightweight, soft and smooth

Spandex is extremely lightweight and smooth to the skin, this property of spandex gives comfort to the wearer and also provides easy movements.

  1. It is pocket friendly

Pure spandex is extremely expensive, but the pure fiber is not used for wearing. Blend of spandex is used, the blending is generally done with cotton or polyester and the percentage of spandex is low as compared to the other fiber which ultimately makes it affordable as both cotton and polyester are inexpensive fibers.

You generally don’t need to change garments that have spandex in them because of increase or decrease in your size, as spandex can stretch and fit to higher or lower size as well. This makes spandex garments pocket friendly.

  1. It has high breathability and moisture wicking abilities

It has often been observed that the body hugging or body fitted garments are not breathable and produces lots of sweat which ultimately results in discomfort.

Spandex is always blended with fabrics which have high breathability and moisture wicking abilities that combine with the elastic property of spandex and ultimately give the best fabric to you. 

Elastic property of spandex stretches the fabric and creates space between its knits, which makes it breathable by allowing the air to pass freely and any moisture that the body produces is evaporated faster.

  1. It has high abrasion resistant

When it comes to shapewear we always wear it underneath a garment, it can also be called as second skin. Which means that the outerwear and the shapewear will rub too much against each other. If both the garments have low or no abrasion resistance then heat will be produced which will ultimately result in discomfort.

Low or no abrasion resistance shapewear also causes many side effects to the skin, thus it is always recommended to opt for the fibers with high abrasion resistance, Spandex is one of them.

  1. It is available in fiber diameters ranging from 10 denier to 2500 denier

Spandex comes in various deniers (it is used to measure thickness of the thread), which means that the construction of the final shapewear can be done as per the customers choice. 

Due to this flexibility in fiber diameters of spandex the end product can be extremely customized and various threads of different diameter can be added, thus providing extra comfort and solving the purpose of a shapewear.

  1. It is environment friendly and cruelty free

This has nothing to do with the shapewear but can be very useful for the environment and can be a first choice for the people who are conscious about the environment and animals.

Spandex fabric is not made from animal-derived products, and no animals are hurt during the manufacturing process. It is considered cruelty-free and suitable for a vegan lifestyle. It is a synthetic fabric that is formed from a long-chain polymer (an organic material), and it can be combined with other fabrics like polyester or cotton (also vegan).

Spandex is a non-biodegradable fiber but it can be recycled, which makes it environment friendly.

The end result is that there are other fibers as well which can be used for shapewears but no fiber has all the properties of spandex, they lack at some point or the other making spandex the best choice.

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Semi Dull Spandex – Elimination Of Grin Through Effect

Grin through effect has been a flaw and an area of concern in the garment industry. This effect has tampered with the looks of a lot of apparels and each and every arena. It basically refers to the popping out of the shiny spandex from inside of the fabric tampering the original colour and finesse of the apparel. The appearance of threads typically spandex from inside the cloth while stretching it refers to the grin through effect. Hence, the elimination is a very important step towards the enhancement of the fabric and the garment industry as a whole.

Industry has been using deeper shades of inviy as hard yarns to eliminate the problem of grin through and attain colour uniformity. The flaws are visible in various areas especially in sheer hosiery, where the product is really fine and in sportswear, a lot of sports leggings have this problem of grinning through as they are very stretchable and take the form of the skin, hence making the spandex within appear.  To alleviate this flaw and reach an optimum level of elimination of spandex through the clothes there has to be the usage of a semi dull spandex incorporated in the process of manufacturing.

A semi dull spandex will hide evenly beneath the fabric and one such is recently launched with the name of INVIYA STOLID I-400. Stolid literally meaning “dull with no brightness” has rendered to the needs of modern-day problems in the apparel industry. STOLID I-400 when processed with hard yarns and dyed is not visible at all putting an end to the problem of grin through. Indorama industries has done this with the modification of their polymer which made a duller spandex. The stretch/recovery of the apparel will be retained with the use of Stolid, making it a highly functional yarn. The usage of stolid comes with its perks to the end customers as well as to the supply chain.

Indorama industries is currently providing with stolid I-400 which has a value derivative of

  • Can be used with deeper shades in synthetics.
  • Colour uniformity in the fabric.
  • Stretch/recovery without grin through
  • Resistant to chlorine making it ideal for swimwear.
  • Reduction in moire effect.
  • Adding finesse to the fabric.
  • Better colour reflection on the surface of the fabric.

This will altogether revolutionize the garment industry especially the stretch related sector. The impending flaw of bright spandex which had its place everywhere will finally come to an end. The dominance of stolid I-400 can be seen in various areas

  • Beach wear
  • Swimwear
  • Sheer hosiery
  • Sportswear
  • Medical equipment like gloves etc.
  • Athleisure
  • Intimate wear
  • Compression garments
  • Denim
  • Day to day clothing.  

These properties will enhance the manufacturing of the apparels along with an added value of quality stretch. So “stretch with no stress”, as now the fabrics with light or deeper shades will not lose their shine and lustre because of the shiny spandex which was used earlier. The sheer hosiery will literally act as a second skin to the wearer taking the shape of the body without the appearance of what is used inside. Athleisure will not appear as faded when stretched with the use of this semi dull spandex. STOLID I-400 has high power with optimum fit and shape retention. It is also resistant to heat and dyes which makes it blend easily in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the elimination of grin through is possible with the usage of semi dull spandex with optimum outputs making stretching easy and comfortable with providing desired fit to the wearer without compromising on the quality.

Are you choosing the best fabric for your activewear?


In the contemporary era, the activewear market has surged with a wide range of activewear clothing items for every sporting need. Selecting the best activewear fabric is not only a crucial step as it works as a game-changer, but also the right activewear can help you in achieving your fitness goals while keeping the injuries at the sidelines. Whereas the lack of having the appropriate activewear fabric can aid in posing an adverse effect on your performance. 

Be it sports jerseys, gym wears, or any activewear gear there’s one thing common which is spandex fabric. Spandex is said to be the best workout material and it is widely used for sporting gears because of its distinctive properties. Inviya Spandex not only does not ensure comfort and stretch but also wicks the moisture and prevents blisters.

Thinking about what qualities an ideal activewear fabric should have? 

Let’s discuss the features that the best activewear fabric should have!! 

  • Moisture Regulation: While working out, there is a need for functional sportswear, which wricks the moisture outside of the material. Whereas if the activewear fabric doesn’t wick the moisture away it will ultimately make it heavy and increase the chances of blisters and cramps while working out. So that it doesn’t make the garment heavy and uncomfortable, When the garment possesses moisture-wicking quality it also keeps the blisters away.
  • Durability: Activewear should be strong & durable, imagine wearing low-quality activewear that tears off in a couple of workout training sessions? Workouts include a lot of rapid movements, hence a strong fabric is needed which can stretch perfectly without breaking. Hence it is always better to invest in premium quality activewear that stands strong and durable over several intense workout sessions.
  • Comfort:  Inappropriate garments can adversely impact your performance. Imagine wearing a sports bra that is tight and keeps digging in your back while you work out? Or a legging that’s too tight or loose? It can cause discomfort that will make you lose your focus. When you’re working out, the first and foremost thing you want is for your garment to feel comfortable, so selecting the garment which is comfortable and of the right size is an essential step. 
  • Stretchable: Any sporting activity includes the expansion of muscles, hence expanding of muscles requires a fabric that can stretch without breaking or causing any restrictions, Spandex fiber is said to be the strongest fabric as it can expand 10 times more than its capacity without breaking. So while selecting the activewear fabric make sure that it stretches easily.
  • Flattering Fit: In the era of fitness fiestas, who doesn’t want to look stylish and trendy even in the gym or while a yoga session? Everyone wants it! Activewear should perform well during the sessions and offer a flattering trendy fit so you can look stylish and work out comfortably.
  • Cost-Effective: A comfortable and stretchable activewear does not mean expensive activewear, the best activewear fabric should possess all the qualities at a budget-friendly price. 


When fabrics are blended with spandex it gives all-in-one features like comfort, style, and a trendy chic look and feel. Whether you wear your activewear as casual wear or gym wear, the right activewear garment shouldn’t compromise with its performance. Now that you know how to choose the right fabric for your intense workout sessions, fill your closet with comfortable gears that can help you in achieving your workout goals without any restrictions.

What makes spandex the best fabric for swimwear?

It’s undeniable true that the quality of swimwear fabric has a direct impact on the performance of the swimmer. Since ideal swimwear fabric offers a perfect stretch and dries real quick, Spandex for swimwear posses all the qualities of the best swimwear fabric. 

Spandex fabric wricks off the moisture quickly and provides an accurate amount of stretch and comfort to the swimwear whereas natural fabrics like organic cotton and wool are not usually regarded as the best fabric for swimwear as it dries really slow making the swimwear heavier and impractical.

Spandex is an ideal fabric for swimwear but it can’t stand alone so it’s blended with fabrics like nylon to create shape retention and a stable look. When Spandex is added to swimwear fabrics, it increases the durability and functionality while offering an amazing swimming experience.

Wondering what qualities make spandex the best fabric for swimwear?

Let’s walk through a few distinctive qualities of spandex that make it ideal for swimwear.

  • Stretchable: Spandex is said to be the strongest fabric because of its stretchiness. Spandex can stretch 10 times more than rubber without breaking, which helps swimmers to swim without any discomfort. And the best part about spandex is that it also stretches underwater whereas other fabrics don’t.
  • Amazing Recovery: After stretching underwater, spandex can attain its original shape which is the quality of ideal swimwear fabric. If the swimwear will not attain the original shape then it will impact the performance of the swimmer negatively.
  • Dries Quickly: Spandex wricks away the moisture quickly which does not make the swimwear heavy and let the swimmer swim without any restrictions.
  • Durable: Spandex fiber is known to be the strongest yet durable fabric. It holds the shape inside or outside the water. Moreover, when spandex is added to the swimwear it automatically enhances the life of the swimwear so it doesn’t lose its shape easily.
  • Enhances the quality:  When spandex is blended with premium quality fabric it elevates the quality of the swimwear which prevents the swimwear from any injuries and rashes.
  • Cost-Effective: Spandex is a great package of all the qualities that are required in an ideal swimwear, and the best part is that it is cost-effective as compared to other fabrics.
  • Elegant & Comfortable look: Spandex fabric offers body-hugging stretch which helps you to flaunt your curves comfortably and also gives an astonishing look. Also, spandex is one of the softest fabrics that allows the swimmer to move freely and comfortably.
  • Resistance: Spandex is resistant to body oil, chlorine, swear, and saltwater. This distinctive quality of spandex is just like the cherry on the cake which makes it more suitable for swimwear.

The best swimwear fabric is the one that fulfills the needs of a swimmer without offering any discomfort, while selecting the best fabric for swimwear you may need to rethink and consider various factors i.e: comfort, stretch, water resistance, and so on.

Most swimwear’s believe that different fabrics behave differently underwater. Each fabric fits and feels different so it is crucial to select the right fabric that enhances performance and comfort.

So next time you go swimwear shopping don’t forget to check on the fabric that can elevate or demote your swimming experience.

What makes a quality pair of Denim?

Quality pairs of denim shouldn’t just look luxurious but feel luxurious too.

We can’t deny the fact that there is no specific element, which upgrades the quality of the denim, but the composition of quality denim relies upon the components used and the quality of components.

As a consumer, it’s always better to invest in premium denim wear. It not merely offers a deluxe denim experience but will be long-lasting too. 

Wondering what makes a quality pair of denim?

We have garnered a few crucial indications that define premium quality denim

  • The Stretch Factor

If you are seeking a form-fitting comfort with utmost mobility, then bank on the stretch denim. Stretch denim is typical denim integrated with spandex; owing to its properties that ensure a notable combination of stretch, comfort, and durability. This is the prime reason why spandex is considered to be the ideal fabric for denim wear. 

  • Premium quality zippers and buttons

When it comes to picking the right denim, zippers and buttons play a vital role. Undoubtedly high-quality denim demands good quality materials. Premium quality denim manufacturers rather use top-notch metal buttons and zippers than intending to save a few bucks by relying upon cheap quality materials.

  • Strong & Durable

The strength and durability of denim go hand in hand and the secret of unparalleled strength and durability is contingent upon the construction of the denim. Denim fabric is naturally strong and damage resistant, also it is considered to be the strongest fabrics than other textiles. Premium denim manufacturers ensure that they use natural denim which lasts for a long and offers the desired fit even after several washes. 

  • Right Fit and design details

The right denim ensures the desired fit, without being too loose or tight which automatically offers extreme mobility. Certain design features help the consumer to figure if the denim is made to last. Denim design details tell a lot about the denim construction, there are different types of denim and each has distinctive features.

  • No Strains or Loose Threads

Premium quality denim manufacturers ensure that the denim is not used in their denim construction and the finished product is free from any kind of stains, as the stains are visible in low-quality denim.

A quality pair of denim has closed ends stitching with invisible thread protruding. If you discover any stain or loose thread in the denim then it’s probably not the right pair to go for. Denim with no stain and the loose thread is the revealing sign for quality denim.

Investing in quality denim is always a smart investment. It might cost you some extra bucks but it’ll be worth every buck you pay. Quality denim overarches confidence and energy and accentuates your features with the ultimate fit and unrestricted movement.

If you discover the right denim pair, it should not be forgotten that there is no value of quality denim if a pair of jeans just don’t fit well, so always go for the right size. 

For your next denim shopping, don’t forget to consider these secret factors that make usual denim the quality pair of denim.

Do athletic spandex socks make a difference to performance?

Surprising though it may seem, athletic spandex socks can pose the same difference as a rightly selected pair of shoes can. 

Let’s try to understand this way;  an athlete running with blisters caused by wrongly selected socks, will he be able to perform his best? 

Certainly not!

We generally ignore socks without even contemplating how much difference they can make to our performance. However, it’s a common picture of the present time that Athletic spandex socks have infiltrated the running realms, and have become one of the essentials for athletes.

Moreover, there’s nothing more stressful than taking off your shoes around people and thinking if you will load the room with the stench from your sweaty socks.

Well, there is no reason to live with fear because the real culprit is poorly selected socks.


Wondering, how this choice could really impact the performance?

The athletic socks are made of fabrics such as hosiery yarn polyester, acrylic, which are perfect for long-duration workouts. When fabric like polyester is blended with spandex fabric it prevents moisture and fiction.

Inviya Spandex infused fabrics not just wicks away the moisture but also ensures absolute stretch and comfort to the socks.

Whereas Cotton socks retain moisture, consequently heat, and friction in sport’s shoes you are more likely to perceive blisters, calluses, and hot spots. 

Benefits Of  Athletic Spandex Socks

  • Reduce movement 

Premium quality athletic spandex socks offer an additional grip that stabilizes feet inside shoes. The reduction in movement reduces friction results in preventing blisters. 

  • Moisture Wicking Property 

When spandex is infused with fabric it not only reduces movement but also wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin. Dry skin creates less friction which leads to less blister and comfortable movement.

  • Comfort And Stretch

When spandex fiber is blended with polyester yarn it ensures distinctive features of comfort, stretch, and durability to the socks.

  • Enhanced mobility

High-quality athletic spandex socks prevent toenail problems and other serious foot issues that can compromise your performance. Inviya spandex for socks allows you to move freely and comfortably with improved performance. 

  • No Musty Odor

The moisture-wicking property ensures that there is no extra sweat which leads to no bad odor even after a long duration workout. So next time you don’t have to get embarrassed for stinky sweaty socks.

  • Anti Blister Property

Whether a long day of walking or a half marathon, athletic socks keep feet comfortable and socks dry and in place for the long haul.

However, choosing the athletic spandex socks, in the end, is a question of personal preference. Whether it is uncomfortable pressure points, blisters, or sweaty feet; without doubt, there are many problems the best athletic socks could solve 

And owing to these unique properties Athletics spandex socks never fail to help you in improving performance.

Next time when you decide on sporty attire for your game don’t forget to select the right pair of socks, for a good performance game.