How to wear it At the Gym, On the Street, and beyond – Spandex Masks

The spread of Coronavirus has changed lives all over the world drastically. People have been forced to give up things they love to prevent further spread of this potentially fatal virus. Even if anyone has to go out of the house to run some errands, they have to wear a mask for their protection. There is no other choice. If you want to protect yourself and those around you, wearing a mask is a must. However, a lot of people complain of improper fitting and breathing difficulties with masks. As per researches, spandex can be an effective remedy to this problem. Not only would it provide you with optimal protection but would not compromise your comfort either.

Spandex masks

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The need of the hour
As the virus continues to spread, it is difficult to say when a vaccine or treatment to it would be developed. One cannot remain within the confines of their homes forever. Sooner or later, we would all have to take the risk and get out of the house to run errands, work out in gyms, or go to offices. Spandex masks can ensure that you do not compromise on your safety as you step out of the house.

According to the guidelines outlined by WHO, it is imperative that when one goes out in public, his/her face is covered with a mask. Spandex masks not only provide the required protection but also offer convenience as they are reusable. They are affordable as well, and the combination of the fabric ensures that wearing a mask does not leave you breathless.

Wear at all places with ease
A lot of people are reluctant to wear masks all the time since they are worried about appearances. However, this is one of those times when safety should take precedence. The best thing about spandex masks is that you can wear them at all times with ease.

These masks are quite stretchable and fit according to the shape of the wearer perfectly, thereby ensuring that you are provided with optimal comfort. Therefore, they do not prove to be a nuisance as you work out or run your errands. The spandex mask returns to its original shape when not in use.

You would not be able to go about your work if you are struggling to breathe due to the mask. This is not an issue you would have to face with a spandex mask. It does not obstruct breathing, and you would be able to exhale and inhale with ease. This ensures that your work is not affected due to the mask.

Spandex masks are affordable despite offering optimal functionality. They also last for a longer time, and thus you do not have to worry about your budget being strained.

Final words
The end of the pandemic seems uncertain. It does appear that for now, we have to learn to live with the threat of this deadly virus looming over us. Taking precautions can save us from a lot of problems and ensure that we do not have to bring our lives to a standstill. Spandex masks can be a valuable ally in this endeavour.

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Spandex: The answer to reusable affordable masks to fight COVID-19

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Corona-virus (COVID-19) has made us helpless. The aggressive spreading of this viral infection has made our lives standstill. It spreads through aerosols emitted from the nose and mouth of an infected person or a carrier.
This disease can also spread due to physical contact. We need to maintain absolute protection by wearing masks and covering ourselves as much as possible. A majority of the population is hit by this infection. Wearing masks is mandatory. The prime disadvantage of wearing masks is improper fitting and breathing issues. Researchers have found spandex as the wonder material to deliver the expected results. Let us find out how it fits into the exact requirement.

Why spandex is the ideal material?
As per the guidelines described by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a mask should cover the nose and mouth properly and let the wearer breathe properly while screening aerosols and droplets in the environment.

Physical distancing can reduce the spreading of infection. This can be a problem in highly-populated areas. In order to eliminate this disease, proper measures should be taken, and manufacturing efficient masks is one of them. Spandex has provided the right foundation to build reusable masks.

Researchers have found an excellent combination of fabric that can work as the right material to manufacture masks at a low price. The results suggest spandex as the ideal material to mix with and create an effective mask. As per the findings, a mask made of a layer of cotton threads and two layers of a polyester-spandex mix (600 threads/inch) can screen or filter 80-99% suspended particles.

The prime reasons for choosing spandex as the ideal material are mentioned below.

Highly stretchable
Spandex is generally used for manufacturing fitness wear and athleisure. It can fit into the shape of a person comfortably and give the right feel. The same can be used to follow the guidelines cited by the WHO and CDC.

A mask needs to be properly fitted on the face of a person. There should be no gap around the nose or mouth from where suspended droplets can enter or exit. Using spandex will solve the problem of fitting a mask that researchers are struggling to achieve.

Spandex can easily recover its original shape when not used. A blend containing spandex is ideal for manufacturing masks due to exceptional stretch-ability.

No obstruction for breathing
One of the prime concerns of using masks is the problem in breathing. A person will not be able to work efficiently when he struggles to breathe normally. In fact, the normal breathing process also helps our body to lose heat and keep us cool.

The conventional masks trap heat and moisture making the wearer feels uncomfortable. Using spandex-blend fabric is ideal as it will not obstruct breathing. A person will feel ease in inhaling and exhaling air.

Pollution and spreading of infection from used masks is also a huge concern that researches are worried about. Reusable masks can be the solution. Spandex can be reused after washed and sanitized due to its exceptional stretchable properties. It regains its normal shape when not used and dries up quickly when washed.

Spandex is less costly than what is used to make N95 masks. As mentioned earlier, spandex masks are almost similar to N95 masks in terms of functionality. Hence, it can be an affordable solution. These masks are also quite durable.

spandex masks

In a nutshell
There is no doubt that COVID-19 will take months to get eliminated. Life cannot stop and we need to regain our daily processes. Using spandex masks will be the next best thing in terms of protection from this pandemic.

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Why Spandex is the Best Fabric for Active-wear

The past few years have seen a major shift when it comes to activewear. With more and more people getting into fitness activewear has become more than just a type of clothing. If someone had told us five years ago that our workout gear would become some of our favorite wardrobe pieces, we’d tell them they were dreaming. And yet the rise of activewear is impossible to deny. Ever since athleisure became a thing, activewear gained even more popularity. Even people who do not exercise on a regular basis have activewear items in their closet for everyday wear.

While good-old-fashioned cotton might seem like a great choice, it’s actually not ideal for activewear as it absorbs moisture, which means once you start sweating, the fabric will soak it up and become heavy and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there’s been a lot of innovation in fabric technology in recent years and spandex also known as lycra has become a top choice when it comes to activewear. It was originally invented in 1937 in Germany, but it wasn’t until later in the 1950s that it was actually put to use in fabrics to make stretchable clothing. Elastane is created using a long-chain polymer called polyurethane. The prepolymer that is created is then put to react with a diamine, which helps extend the polymer. The resulting product is made into a spinning solution, which is then spun into elastane fibers known as spandex or lycra.

Why Spandex is extensively used for activewear?

  1. Stretchable – The quintessential workout fabric spandex is known for its ability to recover and stretch and when it comes to activewear, having a stretch in the fabric key. For the body to move effortlessly, the fabric has to stretchy as well as something that recovers instantly. A Spandex blend fabric is perfect for that and hence it has gained popularity over the years.
  2. Breathability – Wearing a breathable fabric during working out or any sports activity is also essential. Spandex is breathable, wicks moisture, and dries quickly and that is exactly what you need while making activewear clothing.
  3. Durability – Workout clothes are made to be durable. Workout activities can easily tear clothing if they are made up of poor quality fabrics. Rapid movements or contracting and expanding of muscles require a fabric that can stretch. Spandex is highly resistant to abrasion, seawater, body oils, detergents, etc and these are all qualities that make it not only durable but also very practical to use without the worry of stains or being damaged quickly.
  4. Combination with other fabrics – Combining spandex fibers with other fibers, such as polyester, nylon or cotton, even in minimum amounts, such as 1% of the entire fabric composition can greatly improve the other material’s ability to stretch. Spandex can be easily blended with other fabrics to give it elasticity and movement to the fabric.
  5. Comfortable – While performing any activity it is crucial to be comfortable. Choosing a fabric that will help the flow to air will not only keep you dry but also feeling fresh. Since spandex is breathable and stretchable it automatically becomes comfortable which is important.

Nowadays, spandex is used in multiple fabric blends to give it elasticity and stretch. But it still remains on the top when it comes to active-wear or sportswear. Its unique properties make it ideal for clothing that is comfortable, durable and doesn’t restrict movement.

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Fashion Trends 2020 Runway

Fashion Trends 2020 Runway

Once you’ve taken your mind off puffer jackets and snow boots, we can finally talk about spring. Our days that were spent dreaming od breezy dresses and body-fitting shorts will finally become reality soon by the end of this month. As we look towards to beginning of spring, what are we trying to find out? The top Spring-Summer trends of 2020 of course. If you’re trying to figure out what your wardrobe for the rest of the year looks like, then you’ve come to the right place. You can thereafter prep your shopping list in advance. With more than 100 fashion shows over the Spring-Summer 2020 season, the parade has finally reached the market. From hot pants to bold highlighter colors to retro-themed floral, 2020 is going to be a year full of eclectic trends.


hot pants

If body fitting pants are your forte, then rejoice because this one’s totally up your ally. Whether you want to style them with leggings or over a mesh dress, you can also pair them with knee-high boots or pumps. And rest assured that hot pants will make your legs look great! Choose hot pants in spandex fabric for maximum comfort and resilience.



Whether it’s orange, blue, pink, green or yellow – these highlighter inspired neon colors have taken over runways by storm. From high-end designers to fast fashion giants, everyone is cashing in on this trend. These vibrant shades will do wonder if you pick them in spandex fabrics for your dresses, leggings or tops! Expect functionality with comfort whenever you choose to wear this fabric.



Fashion has definitely become more playful. One such playful trend this year is the Bermuda Business shorts. If you thought these long-shorts were only meant for kids, then think again. Unless you’re a model or have super long legs, the length of Bermuda shorts may stunt your height. The best way to stop this from happening is to pair these trousers with flat footwear. Opt for spandex based shorts for increased breathability, keep the colours dark and pair them up with sleek button-downs to look extra fashionable!


floral dresses

If you remember your grandmother’s old kitchen wallpaper then you’re lucky! It’s making a strong come back in the world of fashion and how. Every high-profile designer is looking to make their creations in this retro-themed print. A colorful abstract spandex dress could add the playfulness you need from the ‘60s. Just add some strappy sandals and you’re good to go!



Vests and streetwear are definitely hitting the mark with fashion trends this year. They can be fresh, funky or streamlined and smart. Pick out your choice of vests in spandex to add a great dimension to your look!

So what are you waiting for? Tap into these 2020 Trends from the runway, and pick out some great clothing in spandex to fit your needs.

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Here’s what 2020 has in store for Men’s Fashion

2020 Men’s fashion

The year 2020 has brought with it newer trends for the world of men’s fashion; some that have been carried forward from the last season and some that are about to become the latest rage for the new decade. If you like heads turning when you walk into a room then you are someone who follows men’s fashion trends actively. We bring for you and for those who would love to be in the same league as you, a guide on what 2020 has in store for men’s fashion.

  • Patch it up in style

mens fashionPic credit:

The biggest trend for men’s fashion 2020 is going to be the patchwork suits that are being loved in a big way. Patchwork tailored shirts are the things to flaunt this season and the earthier the colors, the better it is. But since it is fashion 2020 that we are talking about, the shirts are going to have the patchworks in different shapes and styles. If you want to bring out the patchwork, pair the suit with a white round neck t-shirt; another fashion staple that is going to be a big part of men’s outfits 2020.

  • Relax with the relaxed suit

mens style

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Wear the men’s suits in style with a relaxed combination of blazer and trousers that are tailored and yet give this formal clothing a comfortable vibe. Skip the formal shirt and formal shoes with this kind of suit for it needs to be paired with something casual to create the perfect ensemble. That can only be a white t-shirt and we told you already how you wouldn’t be able to live without this one in 2020.

  • Tie and dye to die for


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Taking a page from the fashion journals of women’s fashion trends for 2020, men’s clothing store are decorating their window displays with tie and dye pieces for men’s closet. There is the humble t-shirt to start with and taking the trend further the fabric style is being used in sweatshirts and shirts.

  • Upgrade the suit color palette

mens fashion suits

Pic credit:

There are shades of blacks, whites, beige and then there are colors that are going to add to the style of men’s suits. A light pink or an electric blue isn’t going to shock you anymore for these hues are just the tip of the iceberg. Wearing a monochromatic suit gives a sleek silhouette and for this, you don’t need to depend on just black anymore.

  • Accessories to complete the look

suits for men

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You won’t be able to keep your eyes and hands off the cross body man purse this year. This purse is something you can carry even with the men’s suits for a wedding. A messenger style will work with your casual picks and one in leather is what you need for a formal setting. The next in your list should be shield sunglasses, Blade Runner style. They are the perfect futuristic accessory to flaunt in 2020.

Most trends of fashion 2020 will have a mix of nostalgic comebacks of classics like the flared pants, inspirations from women’s fashion like sheer tops and trends that will pay an ode to the future.

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