Spandex: The Ultimate Fashion Fibre

Spandex fibre

Spandex fibre is ultimate fibre for fashion

According to recent studies, spandex usage in India is growing at 15-20 percent per year as compared to world’s expected growth of 7-8 percent per year. The direct consumption of bare spandex in the country currently stands around 6,000-7000 tons per annum, all of which is imported. In the light of the flourishing growth in the organized retail segment and branded clothing market, it is a natural success for fibre giants like INVIYA®.

It has made an enormous impact on the fashion industry. Whether it’s a sock or a clubbing dress, nothing is complete without the perfect fit & comfort of spandex; also aptly called the Freedom Fibre- as it lets you seamlessly go through your daily life without any effort!

Here is a peek at the latest fashion trends with spandex in it!

Raunchy & Racy: Bold dresses are the norm this season. Lace, layers and a lingerie-ish feel add to the coquettishness and boldness of the attire.

Turtleneck Trend: Turtlenecks have made their way in the dress styles as well. Long, generally knee-length, these dresses are classic and perfect!

Wonderful Worsted: Worsted fabric fused with spandex make up for an excellent fit & superior stretch. Invest in a monochrome pattern and you have something you look glamorous in anywhere you go!

Block Shift: The new block shifts are inspired! A pastel colored fitting dress with a dark overtoned shoulder-patches. Very hot, very glam!

Empire all the Way: Empire waists are just perfect. They offer perfect fit with minimum flare and yet, flaunt your curves whilst hiding your flab…what more does one need?

Stylish Sheer: A stretchable lining that snugs you while a sexy and stylish sheer fabric layers on top. This season is all about showing and concealing all at the same time.

Sports, ahoy: Sporty dresses are another rage. Generally in neon or loud colors, these dresses are modeled after athletic dresses. Get you running, them!

Wool Wonder: Wool-infused fabrics make for extremely attractive cuts & flattering styles in dresses and shrugs. Indulge yourself in one so you could exude warmth & cheer this season without freezing yourself.

Turn-your-head Tunics: Tunics have been popular for a while now but evolving from a single bold color choices, they have become spontaneous, colorful, vibrant & effortlessly trendy. Experiment with various patterns, styles, color combinations & fabrics…make sure the tunic has perfect stretch & fit for the perfect look.

So, we see that the Inviya spandex fibre has inspired eons of trends in the fashion industry…it’s not called a Fashion Fibre for nothing!

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