Leggings: How We Do Them in Fashion

Leggings for Fashion

Shiny Leggings

The confusion surrounding leggings is made all the more ironic by the fact that they are proclaimed as one of fashion’s most prominent trends. But the fact remains that most of us are guilty of having no clue what to pair them with in order to create a sleek, stylish outfit. With spandex and filament yarn infused in them, they become stretchable & comfortable for multiple sizes.

Ah, the age-old question: what to wear with leggings? Well, the confusion stops here, ladies. Here is the insight into the legging styles with fashion fibre in them. Read below to find out about the polished ways to style the tricky staple with a focus on what exactly to wear on top and on your feet:

With Plenty of Layers

Leather leggings aren’t going anytime soon and are ravishing when paired with lots of layers on top. Try throwing a patterned sweater on over a single-colored button-up, then putting on a stylish jacket or loose blazer. This look works best with plain black filament yarn/spandex leggings.

With a Basic Button-Down

When it comes to leggings, the best way is to pair them with a slightly oversized solid button-down. Try to stick to a darker color legging (black being the most obvious choice) and contrasting them with a blouse in a white, pastel pink (this season’s “it” color), or other light tone. Throw on an oversized blazer and some oxfords to finish things off.

With a Big Chambray Top

Behind a classic button-down and a blazer, the loose-fitting chambray top is your next best choice for pairing with leggings. Length is of the essence here: too short (i.e., hip-length) and it’s odd. The chambray should hit at mid-thigh or so.

With Motorcycle Boots

One of the hardest things about wearing leggings is figuring out what to put on your feet, but when it’s winter, it’s all about the boot. Leggings look extremely chic in the chilly season working best with a great pair of moto boots.

With a Statement Boot

Perhaps the best way to dress up a pair of leggings is to rock them with a pair of statement boots. The bolder the better, such as with bold printed booties, or it can be a little more subtle: a bulky ankle or knee-high boot with a thick high heel will suffice just fine.

Rock out this season with the Fashion Fiber….fashion is now for everyone with INVIYA®!

Image Source – http://www.flickr.com/photos/37206010@N07/3425496783/in/photostream/


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