Core Spun Yarn- Elegance Personified!

Did you know that sportswear is on an emerging rage in the fashion world? Yes, it is. I, like most of us, connected sportswear only to sporty ho hum but sportswear have played a pivotal role in the history of the glamour world. From since the 1970s to this day, sportswear has been an essential to the clothing line of any fashion designer. In 1970, Geffroy Beene, an American Fashion Designer, introduced the idea of sweatshirt fabric into evening and casual wear and since then every major fashion show like the Milan Fashion Week in 2012 or the London Fashion Week last year, have religiously participated in this fab-o-lution. , I have taken keen interest in the growing trend of sportswear, and have learnt that it is much more dynamic and varied than I used to think. It is different, it is cool, it is no doubt stylish, and in a certain distinctive way, it is feminine too.

Sport WearNow the question arises why? Why is this trend, ideally earmarked to sports, suddenly weaving its enchantment into the threads of fashion? The answer is simple. One word. Comfort. Sportswear are not mere clothes, it is an extension of your personality, your second skin and it stretches perfectly across the epidermis, thanks to new core spun yarn that provides with an unimaginable stretch and undeniable comfort. The yarn is constructed by twisting staple fibre on spandex fibre to provide an unmatchable strength and great elasticity that accentuates your curves and you beam with confidence. I, personally, am a fitness freak and when this became the part of my wardrobe, I just couldn’t ask for more! Now, I could jump, stretch, bend and jog without worrying about any malfunctions. There is a new sense of freedom and its liberating! The social butterflies of my society are compelled to take a second look when I surpass them.

That. Awkward. Moment. Yes, there have been many. That party where you spent the whole time standing because the dress was way too tight while your friends danced away the night? Or that over-sized shirt that taints your wardrobe but has become your ‘go-to’ top for almost any occasion? You can now throw them away guiltlessly and welcome this state-of-the-art innovation that resonates your personality, your awesome self! In this mimeographic world where authenticity is the question of the hour, our individuality is something that sets us apart from the crowd. How nice it would be if you become a trend-setter rather than a follower! Trust me, the fibre weaves magic!

Given my druthers for comfortable yet stylish sense of dressing especially when engaging in a physically demanding activity, I would always go for something that can stimulate my exercising regime by providing me ease to stretch, bend and movements like that and still be distinctively noteworthy rather than de-motivating me by showing the extra flab that just falls from places making me conscious and wary of stepping in my jogging shoes again. Did you know that comfortable sportswear can increase squats by 5%? I told you, it works! All those who aren’t into the ‘early bird’ lifestyle, worry not, there is good news for you! Sportswear is the new talk of the glam town! As Carrie Bradshaw, the famous fashion idol of New York ladies from the sitcom ‘Sex And The City’ told, you too can make shopping these ultra comfortable wear your personal cardio! And whosoever told shopping is leisure really never went to shop with a mission! Ask us ladies, lining up the stores for that last day sale, running to grab that last pair of gladiators, that smooth cashmere scarf tempting us, asking us to sway across the store provides a strong argument in including shopping as an exercise!

So, my lovely ladies! Get up, gear up and conquer the world in these captivating yet comfort