My Monsoon Fashion Style

monsoon fashion style

We all have been waiting for the summer torture to come to an end, and it finally has. After the scorching three months of summer, monsoon was the only thing I could ask for! Now that monsoon is here, I, like million others have started to fret over it. The incessant spells of rain, the mud, the humidity, and above all, what to wear because each outing these days is nothing short of a battle wherein I have to fight puddles, mud, rain, and of course vehicles who without any compassion splash muddy water on your clothes and speed past you, just like that!

I am often confused thinking what to wear in such weather. Even if I want to try something fashionable, I find it difficult when it comes to maintaining it for stretch of hours. Moreover, the dull and murky weather condition makes it even more difficult to choose a proper outfit be it for a casual outing or for a party. Most of the times, it becomes a challenge to remove the mud stains on our clothes which is either the result of any running car or any running kid. I have seen, that rayon or silk fabric usually comes to rescue in such a case as it is easier to get rid of the stains from them. Spandex fiber made out of inviya core spun yarn also has this quality. So, choose your fiber right before stepping out!

One of the easiest ways to combat monsoon in a stylish way is by wearing shorts and skirts. Their short length is the biggest advantage – keeping you tension free from getting your jeans or trouser stained by the puddles. You can team up shorts with loose fitted tees or tank tops. Both look extremely trendy and cool. Although I understand, it is not always feasible to wear a pair of shorts to every place we go, and hence, I would say, denims will always be a girl’s best friend. They might get spoiled for the time being but they will give you the much needed comfort. All thanks to the spandex yarn inviya which makes your denims so easy to wear all the time!

I personally like flowy dresses for this season for parties or special occasions. Why always stick to cotton and linen? Ditch the regular and go for chiffon and georgette dresses. Fashion experts say, it’s all about changing the fabric, not your fashion statement! As far as colors are concerned I think dark and bright colors are the best for this season. The weather generally remains dark and gloomy in the monsoons. Bright colors compensate for the ambience outside, and bring out a natural balance in our look.

Simple accessories add a lot of spark to our otherwise plain and simple outfits. Monsoon is a season where we can play with accessories to accentuate our simple outfits. I often try teaming up plain t shirts and denims with printed scarves. At times I just wrap around my neck, or I just tie it in a loose loop. With just the addition of the scarf, my whole look undergoes a change. Often I spot girls using scarves and every time they stand out the crowd just because of the scarf, and the way they wear it. We can always use a scarf to cover ourselves just in case we get trapped in the rain and we do not have an umbrella or rain coat!

Shoes are probably a girl’s main concern while stepping out of the house. The rainy season is famous for creating a lot of problem to the proudly owned shoes of every girl. I do not like wearing crocs everywhere as they do not go with every outfit. I like, and suggest everyone to go for flip flops or bright ballerinas. They are cool, colorful, keep your feet clean and help you wade through water, if necessary.

Last but not the least, the one and only essential of the monsoons- umbrella! They are your part and parcel of your entire look during these months. So why not going for bright monochromes or neon umbrellas? Flaunt the colorful umbrellas which would totally match your ensemble. So put aside dull colors and say hello to neon!