The Multi Faceted Fibre

Group with DenimDon’t we just love our jeans? Love wearing them all around, all the time. Jeans which fit us and make us comfortable are the jeans we love! Do you know what actually make our beloved jeans the second skin we live in? It is a fibre known as “Spandex”. Another name given to spandex fibre is “Stretch fibre”. Right from the name it is very clear, that they stretch. It stretches to the point you find your comfort. They are made out of core spun yarn. Core yarns have a particular structure in which one of the component, generally a synthetic filament which is either mono or multi, and is covered by another component, a staple fibre sheath. Inviya, one of the widely known spandex manufacturers, process their filament yarn in the best possible technique to generate the finest quality of spandex.

So far, we have only been talking about jeans. Core spun yarn spandex is not only used in jeans. They use in your often used wardrobe members like jeggings, stockings, or even swim wear and sportswear. They all need to be super flexible and comfortable. Spandex is hence, the right choice. Spandex is not always used as the primary fibre in the manufacture of an outfit. It is often fused with other fibres in the correct proportion to give the material the right feel and look. Inviya manufactures the finest quality spandex for some outstanding outfits, catering to all kinds of occasions and needs for all of us.