Core Spun Yarn

Over the years, comfort has become integral to fashion. Due to increased consciousness, people check out on various factors such as fit, ease of movement, and sweat absorbent properties before making purchase decisions. The popularity of synthetic fibre has also lent an all new meaning to comfort.

Top Fashion Trends for Men in Spring 2015

In today’s metro-sexual world, men are as much conscious as women when it comes to fashion. Check out a few trends for men raging this season. Take a cue from them and be at your stylish best!

Your Intimate Wear is Incomplete without Inviya

Your intimate wear is incomplete without InviyaIt is not strange to observe that almost every woman has the druthers for comfortable and stylish intimate wear. Be it for luxury, romance, or vanity, we like to invest in inner wear which makes us feel beautiful from inside. But it is important to remember that in perfect inner wear, you not just look beautiful but also feel equally comfortable.

Lends fabric stability

If you are planning to go out shopping soon, remember to pick up intimate wear which has inviya fibre imbibed in it. Inviya is the best filament yarn manufacturer India and lends improved fabric stability to you intimate apparels. It gives importance to each and every specific detail to make sure that your lingerie is stylish and comfortable.

Supports you at the right places

The intimate wear range of apparels from Inviya has a soft feel and touch, and can thus be aptly called your second skin. This filament yarn manufacturer India makes sure that innerwear made from the Inviya filament snugs you and supports you at the right places.

Has a high retentive power

The Inviya filament has a high retentive power to keep you in shape. It makes sure that your best features are highlighted so that you can don that figure flattering look you always craved for.