Why Is Air Covered Yarn So Popular In The Garment Manufacturing Market

Inviya CompatibilityOf late, textile companies in India have been using synthetic fibres with manmade fibres to blend the properties of both the two components. The result is the production of fibres with exceptional durability, elasticity, and retention. Filament yarn, air-covered yarn, and core-spun yarn are some of the fibres which are manufactured in the process. Due to their high tenacity and better frictional properties, these fibres are used in the manufacture of fashion apparels, hosiery, denims, sports-wear, active-wear etc.

In socks

Among these, air covered yarn is used in the manufacture of socks and seamless garments. Along with the soft stretch and excellent recovery of air covered yarn, the socks have high retention even after several washes. The air covered yarn present in socks gives off a soft and light feel when one wears it, thereby becoming your second skin.

In seamless garments

The use of air-covered yarn is also extremely popular in seamless garments. They are being widely used in textiles companies in India  because the yarn provides these garments with excellent stretch and recovery features. The yarn also supports your body at the right places and accentuates your curves. Seamless garments, which are designed for comfort, have exceptional dimension stability, and improved fabric handle. They also provide a very soft feel to garments and have high elongation.

Popularity in the garment manufacturing market

The ability to blend with almost every textile raw material makes air covered yarn extremely popular in the garment manufacturing industry. The yarn is very cost-effective when used in the manufacturing process apart from being highly versatile, flexible, and strong.

How to Experiment with Your Leggings

How to Experiment with Your Leggings

Today, leggings is not just a piece of clothing, it has become the most fashionable way to flaunt your style and curves. From office to party, work to fun, leggings made of best spandex fibre gives you a matchless comfort in all your trendy outfits. There are times when many of us get confused on how to mix and match with this versatile creation.  So, here are a few tips you can consider while experimenting with leggings to bring fun to your fashion.

Leggings with Dress- The time when all your short dresses see the sunlight is summers. Bring out all those short, cute, floral dresses and pair them with your leggings. Keep in mind that the colour of your dress and leggings shouldn’t be the same, but obviously they should match. If your dress has three or four different colours, choose leggings that match at least one of those colours. For a dress full of designs or patterns, go for solid-coloured leggings. Carry a scarf to bring uniformity to your overall look.

Leggings with Skirt- Add oomph to your style by wearing a pair of legging with a short or knee-length skirt. You can also team it up with your hem skirt. But the colour and material of the skirt should be different from leggings. Remember, leggings made of best spandex fibre go well with almost any kind of skirt. If the skirt has a pattern on it, carry plain leggings. And if the skirt has no print, go for patterned leggings.

Leggings with Shorts- Rule the hearts by teaming your fashion fibre leggings with hot pants or shorts. A pair of leggings with denim hot pants or cotton shorts will surely give you a cool and casual look. Keep your style simple, but don’t forget to wear your sneakers to complete the look.

Leggings with Shirt/ T-Shirt- Nothing can beat the trend of wearing a long shirt or t-shirt with a pair of printed leggings. A long, open button-down shirt with leggings made of best spandex fibre creates a great and super comfy outfit. A shirt that’s almost long enough to be a dress is actually made for leggings. Make sure you wear your patterned or printed leggings with a single coloured shirt, t-shirt or top.

So, now don’t think that a pair of leggings made of fashion fibre is just a layered outfit. Keep these trends in mind and experiment a bit with this versatile piece to steal the show.