Importance of pairing your shoes with the right socks

Importance of pairing your shoes with the right socks

Importance of pairing your shoes with the right socks

Have you been splurging on expensive shoes? Are you breaking the bank to buy yourself shoes from the best designer brands? Sorry to break it to you, but the best shoes won’t do any good unless you wear the right pair of socks. Most men have a very casual take on socks and do not spend much time looking for the right pair. However, it is very important to team your shoes with the right pair of socks. For a groomed impression, socks should be clean and comfortable.

Here are a few things that you should consider when it comes to socks.

•    When you are dressing up for work, make sure that you invest in socks manufactured in good quality polyester or cotton. Indorama Industries Limited, one of the best filament yarns manufacturer India provides raw materials for manufacturing of filament yarn garments such as socks and stockings. It is important to ensure that your socks are manufactured with good quality material so that they give optimum comfort.

•    It is important to own socks in basic colours like black, navy, and brown. When pairing up socks with shoes, never make the blunder of contrast pairing. For example, if you are wearing a black shoe, you should never pair it with white socks. Patterned socks are ideal for formal occasions.

•     For all your sportswear needs, there are various kinds of sports socks which are suitable for trekking, gymming, and other sports. It is extremely important for sports socks to have good cushioning. Indorama Industries Limited is one of the leading filament yarns manufacturer India which provides good quality raw material for the manufacturing of sturdy sports socks.