Spandex solves your daily needs

Spandex solves your daily needsThe spandex fiber has more uses than just your swimming costume. It is time you try the new applications in which spandex fiber is being employed to. The denim jeans, active wear, sports-wear, surgical hose, socks and leggings, fashion wear and even your intimate wear.

Indian textiles companies are evolving new techniques for winning the market share. They are bringing in new technologies and unfolding the clothing industry for newer dimensions. Indorama Industries Limited has managed to accomplish all that and more by developing the new freedom fiber, called Inviya spandex fiber.

New age’s spandex

The elastane fibers have exceptional qualities of stretch and recover. Now, you can get the fit that is comfortable yet appealing.

  1. Spandex is the fresh substitute for a multi-purpose fiber.
  2. Spandex fiber will not restrict you in your movement.
  3. It is used as an ideal fiber for developing synthetic fabric of high elasticity, flexibility and a wrinkle-free clothing experience.

Spandex revolutionizing clothing

The range of expressions that a spandex fiber offers through its multi usage is vast.

  • Spandex usage is increasing at 15% per year in India compared to world’s expected growth rate of 7-8%.
  • It is a single stop shop for all your clothing needs varying from fashion wear and expanding to active wear.
  • Spandex fiber is only 5% of the entire fabric, mixed with other natural and synthetic fabrics, manages to retain its tenacity and durability.

Use spandex whenever you want

Textiles companies are setting standards for fashion clothing with comfort in India.

  1. The intimate wear and lingerie is always expected to shape our curves and fit where comfortable. Spandex fiber gives you just that feeling in the most unique cloth feel.
  2. Your swimming costumes and sports-wear are designed with more precision to give your movements freedom.
  3. Denim jeans, tank tops, long dresses, office shirts, you name it and spandex makes it. The textile companies develop the fiber with newer techniques and simpler methods into fabrics that will fill you up with confidence.

Spandex fiber makes the product more desirable. So, don’t just drool over the qualities, stock your wardrobe with it.

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