Wardrobe essentials for autumn

What makes winter wear so comfortable and soft

What makes winter wear so comfortable and soft

With the forward march of autumn and the steady fall in the summer heat, you might be quite anxious what to add to your wardrobe and where to go shopping. Seasonal changes can be a difficult time for women since their entire wardrobe experiences change. There are lots of thing to add and discard so that they can manage to look trendy and stylish.

If you are confused about how your autumn wardrobe should look like, here are a few basic essentials you should splurge upon.

• Lots of scarves

Autumn is all about pretty scarves. Since the weather is pleasant with a slight nip in the air, you can casually layer yourself up with scarves. Floral printed scarves are a good option. You can also go for printed fabrics if you want to splash a dash of flamboyance to your get up.

• Leggings

It can be rightly said that leggings are a woman’s best friend. They are you staple wear for every season and can go well with any top, t-shirt, or tunic. Over the years, there has been a lot of advancement in the textile sector at India. Apart from core spun yarn, there has been upgradation in the use of filament yarn India. Inviya fashion fibre is a high quality spandex fibre which can be blended with other textile raw materials to lend clothes superior stretch properties. Leggings laden with Inviya fashion fibre thus gives you the perfect fit.

• Sweater tops

Sweater tops are a good option for the evenings. They keep you warm and look equally stylish. With the infusion of filament yarn india into sweaters and cardigans, they become extremely stretchable and beautifully accentuate body contours.