Inviya: The new-age spandex fibre

Inviya fashion fibre is a new-age spandex fibre which stretches a lot more than its normal elasticity. It stands for freedom. It has amazing stretch properties which can be mixed with other synthetic materials like polyester, nylon or any filament yarn. India has its first spandex manufacturing Textile Company, in the form of Indorama Industries Ltd. It can be used in various types of clothing including swim wear, outdoor, sportswear and intimate wear. Its applications being high including core spun yarn, air covered yarn and knitted fabric, it is bound to bring a revolution inside the fashion circle.

An Rs.1000 Cr investment within three years is being planned to produce the new fashion fibre, Inviya. With its usage only to go higher, this will only give a major boost to the textile industry. It has great features embedded like durability, wrinkle-free looks, shape regain and comfortability.

Being related to words like stretch, right-fit or comfort, Inviya makes you feel better about yourself and builds confidence.

  • Inviya knitted fabric have huge applications in clothing which require high comfort with unmatchable fit and shape
  • Air covered yarn is a mix of Inviya with other synthetic materials like nylon or polyester by the application of nozzle-applied compressed air
  • Core spun yarn is Inviya enveloped with fibres to produce a stretchable yarn

So get ready to express and move freely in your own skin and make a style statement by implementing Inviya fashion fibre in your day to day life.


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