Leggings are popular and will always be with stretch in demand

Leggings are popular and will always be with stretch in demand

Almost every woman has at least 3-4 pair of leggings today and the popularity of leggings is rising each day. There were days back when only the coloured leggings were into existence and were loved for the ultimate comfort they provided. With great stretch and flexibility, the demand led to the manufacturing of stylish and designer leggings.

Advent of spandex fibre in India brought a revolution in the stretch market. This new freedom fibre can stretch to upto 6 times its original length and this is the reason that leggings with high stretch and flexibility brings comfort along.

Used for Aerobics and Fitness Exercises

In 1980’s, the leggings came into demand for aerobics and exercises since they were highly comfortable. With great range of sizes and colours, they were liked by all. They were loved not only for their comfort and versatility but also for their inexpensive pricing.

Office Wear Collection

Over the recent years, leggings have even entered the segment of formal wear. There is no doubt that the quality has sustainably improved since the early years of manufacturing, but at the same time the designing an d styling has also paved the way for the ultimate choice of leggings in fashion industry.

Becoming more and more prevalent in fashion industry, it is likely to get even more in demand in coming 30 years as well. Spandex is one of the finest fibres used to create stretch in these leggings. Leggings can accompany almost every type of outfit.

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