Importance of Spandex in Active Wear

One of the most important factor of active clothing is that it should be equipped with adequate stretch. Hence, Inviya, a leading Indian Filament Yarn Manufacturer is constantly working out to develop high quality Inviya Stretch fibre which can empower athletes and fitness freaks with superior comfort and performance. If you are someone who love the old school way of working out in baggy pants and loose t-shirts, here are some reasons why you should finally switch to clothes that stretch.

  1. As a material, spandex has a unique multi-dimensional stability. This property helps people to move as freely as they would like to without being restricted by the clothes. In India, Inviya stretch fibre is the preffered choice among clothing manufacturers for any active wear range.


2.Any leading Indian filament yarn manufacturer would vouch for the fact that the moisture wicking and sweat absorbent property of spandex yarn is better than all other fibres in town. This property also enhances productivity by keeping the person fresh and active all through out the exercise session.


3.Spandex yarns like Inviya Stretch Fibre also helps to keep your clothes long and strong even after regular and repeated usage. It is resistant to the harmful effects of detergents and hence dont get damaged even after regular washing.

Hence, invest on the right kind of clothes while gymming and working out and watch productivity flowing in from all corners.

Gear up for college with these handy tips

The much dreaded board exams are over and over-pressurized students are finally heaving a sigh of relief. Apart from the ensuing result pressure, there is another major worry which is giving many young souls sleepless nights. Wondering what it might be? Well, the fact that college starts hardly two months from now is creating endless apprehension as well as excitement among students. College is a much anticipated affair when you have just completed school. It is a whole new place where you get to presaent yourself in an all new light. If you were once a gawky nerd, you can well become the blithe and carefree in college. In case you are looking forward to transformations of this kind, always remember that such major transitions start from your closet. A little bit of wardrobe transformation can change your life too.


If you are a clueless college fresher and dont know what to wear for college, here are some essentials you should consider buying:

  1. Ripped/Flarred Denims

Ripped denims are the latest sensation in the fashion circuits. Pair it with any t-shirt or top and they are good to go. Apart from being incredibly stylish, they are also high on the comfort quotient. Wordering how? Denims, now-a-days, come with Inviya spandex fibre which makes them extremely stretchable, thereby highlighting body contours perfectly. The moisture wicking property makes it sweat resistant, making it extremely suitable for the Indian weather. Textle companies in India have been extensively experimenting with this fibre, looking for ways to optimize its use across the garment sector.

  1. Quarter Sleeved Solid Colored Tees

Instead of blowing up your pocket money on floral and patterned garments, invest on solid colored tops and tees. They are cool and casual and compliment the carefree college days the best. Textile companies in India are implementing the use of Inviya spandex fibre in different top-wear. The presence of spandex filament in your tops makes them more adaptable to the every day wear and tear inflicted to them because of regular use.

  1. Backpacks

Backpacks are high on the utility level and ideal to carry all your stuff ranging from books to make-up, watter bottle, digital accessories etc. But do make it a point to ditch the regular backpack which you had been using since school. Go for flirty colored backpacks, or probably a sequined one. There are many retro themed bags which are a cult hit among youngsters.