What Makes Your Hosiery The Best

Imagine your life without hosiery– stepping out in a skirt for a formal meeting when you, for the life of you, can’t find the time to shave your legs or running in shoes without socks leading to sweaty feet resulting in smelly shoes or wearing that perfect bodycon dress with a muffin top! All of these incidents spell H-O-R-R-O-R. Why horror when you can hosiery? But what does it take to make the perfect hosiery, ever wondered?


A lot.

It takes the perfect hosiery yarn.

It takes the perfect knit.

It takes the perfect finish.

And more than often, the perfect garnish to top off the perfect hosiery.

Hosiery is made through a meticulous procedure of circular knit manufacturing. Hosiery yarn is taken and knit closely, sometimes without seams, making it smooth and flawless.

This hosiery yarn can be 100 percent natural or a blend of synthetic and natural and most times it is actually a blend with spandex or elastane fibre that gives its applications a stretch making them fashionable as well as functional.

Sometimes hosiery fabric goes through special chemical process that lend them special properties like fire retardation, water resistance and wrinkle free finishes.

The garnish will have to be the myriads of prints, designs, lace and a plethora of extras that personalise your hosiery, making it lovable, making it your favourite by setting it apart from the endless varieties available in the market.

Love your hosiery now? Load up on it and make a style statement everyday.

All You Need To Know About Compression Wear

For those who don’t like the idea of even the slightest bumps revealing through tight fitted garments, compression wear is a blessing. Compression wear contours the body the way the wearer desires and supports it through long periods of use. But for those of you that didn’t know, compression wear has a purpose other than just shaping the body and concealing bulges– there’s more.


There is an array of compression wear available in the market that serves the purpose of improving blood circulation, aside from controlling the appearance of the body and enhancing its appeal, thereby promoting well being through medical benefits.

These compression garments are made from special  that is, generally, a blend of spandex and nylon or polyester and sometimes cotton.

This type of hosiery yarn is special because it is very similar to regular spandex blend yarn in terms of appearance but it works secretly as a compression agent.

The fibre that is used to create this specialised Hosiery Yarn is crafted in a way that it has a controlled stretch that lends unique controlling abilities to the compression garment made out of it.

You will find this type of compression wear in the form of tights, tummy tuckers, stockings and socks. Earlier, compression wear came mostly in nude colours so that it would blend with the skin and not  show but designers are looking at making the functional garments fashionable by introducing new designs and textures so that it serves three purposes– shaping the body, improving blood circulation and adding aesthetic appeal to your look while at it.

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