The Wonders Of Spandex

Can you at all make clothes out of rubber?

emmy-rossum-workout-clothesAnd to think, spandex was actually created as a substitute for rubber during the world war. It was created for use in war equipment. Naturally, or synthetically, technically speaking, bare spandex possess all the qualities of rubber, but what makes it better is the fact that it can withstand high or low temperatures, not be weathered on exposure to chemicals like detergents and is very cost efficient to manufacture. In fact, research has shown that the production and recycling of spandex fibre is more eco-friendly than that of any other natural fibres, in the long run.

Now how is bare spandex or elastane utilised, because it stretches up to 500 percent it size, so how do you control its stretch and make it viable for garment production?

Simple. You take elastane and blend it with a hard yarn. A hard yarn is any yarn that is made through natural or synthetic resources. Polyester is a synthetic hard yarn, whereas cotton, a natural hard yarn.

So you either knit elastane yarn with a hard yarn through circular knitting to make garments like socks and pantyhose or you twist a hard yarn or two hard yarns along an elastane yarn to make covered spandex yarn that can be used in the creation of intimate wear, active wear, swim wear and more!

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