Disturbed By Sagging Leggings?

After being briefly banned from the fashion scene in the first decade of the millennium 2, leggings have been a constant fashion staple in both western and traditional attires. Whether patterned or in solid colors, it’s leggings galore ladies! But… fashion trend is more than often followed by fashion fails, and some leggings might bring you to the worst fail ever… sagging!


Oh! The horror of walking out in a pair of saggy-crotch leggings that once used to be your absolute fave! What happened to them? Why did they sag? Let’s call this a bad hosiery yarn blended fabric experience.

No, it’s not jargon; it’s very simple and common knowledge actually. Fabric for leggings is made through a circular knit process using hosiery yarn which is a blend of a hard yarn or fibre, like cotton or polyester, and elastane yarn or fibre.

If the hard yarn or fibre is of good quality and standard and the elastane yarn or fibre of poor quality, the hosiery yarn develops a weak structure. By this we mean that on excessive or in worst case scenarios, even gentle stretching, can lead to a snapping of the elastane in the legging fabric.

Naturally, once the elastane yarn or fibre snaps, the hard yarn or fibre has nothing pulling it back to a compressed state, or there is no shape retention. The affected part sags and spoils the structure as well as look of the legging.

This is precisely why it is suggested that you buy high quality leggings even if they might cost a little more. They may pinch the pocket a little initially, but maintain your look wear after wear.

Don’t let sagging leggings disturb you anymore, look for Inviya® The Freedom Fibre in your leggings and be freed from fashion fails!

Why Is Your Active-Wear Not Lasting Long?

For most, buying new active wear is bi-annual affair, there’s winter active-wear and there’s summer active-wear. Unfortunately, some people tend to buy active-wear throughout the year but not by choice; they are forced to buy it. You know why?


Well, after wearing it for some time and a couple of washes, they find that their active-wear has worn out– the stretch has left the structure, the color has faded & it doesn’t fit anymore

What if you could make your poly spandex active wear last long? Follow the below given simple steps-

– Always follow the washing instruction on the tag

– Try to wash your active wear softly, instead the use of hard rubbing & brushes.

– Avoid using dryer in your washing machines, because it causes fibers to break off your garment thus making them week. Yes! balls of lint you find in your dryer are in fact fibers from your garments. It’s advised to dry-flat or hang-dry them

– Avoid hanging your active wear from hangers, as it will cause them to lose their shape

– Don’t use too much detergent, as some of it gets left behind during the wash if the quantity is too much. Eventually setting in your active wear and cause it to degrade slowly due to the fungal growth in that area

– Wash mainly with cold water to make sure your active wear retains its shape and fit

Follow these simple instructions, take care of your active-wear & enjoy the work-out

Incorporate Comfort In Your Daily Life- Athleisure: A Trend To Follow

Have you lately been wondering why your best friend stepped in ladies karaoke night like she was there to shed some sweat but still looking classy like a lady?  All thanks to the latest fashion trend ‘Athleisure’, sweatshirts and tights are no more considered as the dress code for a calorie burning sessions in your gym or in your yoga class. This new trend is not only limited to the fashionista next door, but high-end celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Shahid Kapoor are also seen walking out with that comfortable attire made up of covered spandex yarn.


While you try out this fashion trend, these are the three must haves:

Pair it up: Overdoing something has never worked with any trend. You might want to make a statement by adding a printed bomber jacket and make it a ‘go-to-party’ look. In that case, a boyfriend- fit t-shirt or a shrug can work too. Or if going out with friends on a brunch pair it up with a long over coat.

Pick the patterns: Don’t stick to the age old ‘all over’ look. Brands producing the trendy workout apparel are coming up with stripes, block colors and digital prints made with covered spandex yarn. This adds to your gym wardrobe and would rate you well on the trend alert too. Next time try the fine checks or stripes to make your athleisure wardrobe more diverse.

Accessorize!: Do you smell a party? How could you not add the bling! Complete the comfort with a pair of reflectors, your favorite sling and those boots to lift you up. Add a bit of spark with that right ornament. For a more casual look go out with the beloved white sneakers in your feet mixed with great pair of shades.

Trends are not just about what looks good on you but what makes you comfortable in your own skin. This one is here to last, with factor of “Comfort” scoring high. Pick one or mix and match these and get ready to rock!