Why Is Your Active-Wear Not Lasting Long?

For most, buying new active wear is bi-annual affair, there’s winter active-wear and there’s summer active-wear. Unfortunately, some people tend to buy active-wear throughout the year but not by choice; they are forced to buy it. You know why?


Well, after wearing it for some time and a couple of washes, they find that their active-wear has worn out– the stretch has left the structure, the color has faded & it doesn’t fit anymore

What if you could make your poly spandex active wear last long? Follow the below given simple steps-

– Always follow the washing instruction on the tag

– Try to wash your active wear softly, instead the use of hard rubbing & brushes.

– Avoid using dryer in your washing machines, because it causes fibers to break off your garment thus making them week. Yes! balls of lint you find in your dryer are in fact fibers from your garments. It’s advised to dry-flat or hang-dry them

– Avoid hanging your active wear from hangers, as it will cause them to lose their shape

– Don’t use too much detergent, as some of it gets left behind during the wash if the quantity is too much. Eventually setting in your active wear and cause it to degrade slowly due to the fungal growth in that area

– Wash mainly with cold water to make sure your active wear retains its shape and fit

Follow these simple instructions, take care of your active-wear & enjoy the work-out

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