Gym Wear Style Trends For Men

You know the one thing that is very attractive about a man working out? Many would say the sweat he puts into making gains and bulking up or slimming it out, but somewhere we subconsciously do take into account the one thing that makes his hard work appealing– his gym wear…


How many would be attracted to men in sloppy gym wear? Few, to say the least, and if a man does appear appealing in his sloppy mess, he’s probably put in a lot of hard work to achieve that devil may care look. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to put in that kind of hard work because we have tips for you that will help you achieve the perfect look, whether groomed or sloppy. Read on…

Basketball shorts: those shiny knee length poly spandex yarn made pants may be too plastic for your taste but you know they make you feel comfortable and confident because of their relaxed fit and sporty charm. These clubbed with a regular fit broad strapped tank make the best combination, aesthetically and functionally– push ups are easier and they make the ladies swoon.

Ankle length jogger sweats: don’t underestimate the visual appeal of a pair of sweatpants gathered at the ankles, exposing the ankles just a tad. It’s a treat for the eyes, a definite hit with the ladies. These babies, too, go well with a a regular fit broad strapped or drop armhole tanks. These go well with t-shirts too.

The Perfect Fit T-shirt: if you’re the type to pick t-shirts over tanks and muscle tees, then get it right. In popular opinion, t-shirts that are the right fit for your body work better than oversized or undersized t-shirts, regardless of their look (no, t-shirts that are worn out are a no no). Whether it’s a poly spandex yarn made active wear t-shirt or a plain cotton spandex knit, is of little consequence as long as you get the fit right. The best part? You can pair it with any type of bottoms!

The Jersey: This poly spandex yarn made mesh tee may make you look like a college student but who hasn’t wanted to date a jock? Trust this one to revive some old memories and get you appreciative glances while you’re doing pull ups. On the functional side of things, it lets you breathe easy and gives you just enough freedom of movement. They go perfectly with basketball shorts but you could pair them with joggers for a more sophisticated look.

Get The Right Bodycon Dress For You With These Two Tips

What’s the one type of dress that stays in style through the year?

If you didn’t answer that question with “Bodycon”, you might want to think again.

Fashionable or not, a bodycon dress is one that will never go unnoticed at a club, restaurant or, if you’re daring enough, even at work. It is as stylish as style can get.


All women desire to wear one but not many find the courage to. They either feel too slender or too well endowed to carry off a bodycon. We, as supporters of individual style and free self expression through style, encourage all women to try the bodycon if their heart so desires. We also offer a few tips that could help them select the bodycon for them

Curvy women could use help from getting bodycon dresses that have less bare spandex and more hard yarn in the make of the fabric of the dress… wait, what? What does that mean? That means the bodycon dress type that will make curvy women feel comfortable in their skin is one that is made with fabric that stretches but holds the body taut, in place. If you’re one who is conscious about bulges, get this bodycon dress type.

Bare spandex adds stretch to the dress to make movement easier while the hard yarn (e.g. cotton or polyester) holds the structure of the fabric in place.

Women who feel they are too slender to fit into a bodycon dress should get one that’s layered in the places where they feel they can use volume. For instance, a bodycon with ruffles at the bust or a peplum layer around the waist and butt area could be layers that flatter your body. You could wear bodycons with or without stretch and the bare spandex content in proportion to hard yarn is not of much significance.

Did that make you feel like getting a bodycon dress today?

3 Must Do Summer Picnic Trends For 2017

If summer isn’t the perfect season for picnics and garden parties then when is? Since you’re going to be doing both this summer like the last, might as well do it with a bit of fresh fashion and functional garments on. Why functional? Well, you can’t go getting your legs cramped up in a tight skirt when you want to sit on the grass, and you must absolutely stay free of a Marilyn Monroe dress lift in the event of a sudden breeze flow when in the middle of a crowd. So here’s a list of fashionable and rather functional garments that we prepared keeping your need for fun and style in mind.


The Romper: if you want to show leg, let a possible breeze leave it tingling or just like rompers then rompers, also known as playsuits, are the perfect picnic wear. Since they are of mid-thigh level and above length, fitted hems on rompers would do well so that you don’t accidentally expose more than you intend to. Look for some great poly spandex or cotton spandex versions so that they provide ample stretch for free movement.

The Mom Jeans: These babies are a rage at the moment and for good reason. Don’t get us wrong we love the good old skinnies but the level of comfort offered by a regular cut mom jeans is out of the world, especially if you manage to get a high quality poly spandex one that offers the maximum comfort and superb style. P.S.- it’s also easy on the pocket.

Baggy Trousers: if it’s a formal garden party you must attend, there’s nothing like a stylish pair of baggy trousers that can keep you cool, comfortable and looking chic as if out of a summer catalogue. Linen is a baggy trousers staple but there are amazing cotton and synthetic variants available in the market for you to try on. We won’t push our love for poly spandex in this one!

If any of these summer picnic wear trends struck your fancy, then don’t fall behind, get them now!

How To Get The Coachella Trend Right This Summer

After much research and thorough observation, we picked up some super-hot street style trends from Coachella that you can incorporate in your day to day life so that the entire summer feels like one big fashionable celebration of life. Stay cool and make a bold style statement with these fabulous 90’s trends this summer.

INVIYA-finalDenim hot pants: Oh the festival was packed with ladies flaunting their lovely legs in this extraordinary denim creation– denim hot pant with frayed and regular hems were definitely a Coachella staple. Gorgeous blue denim hot pants with a hint of stretch, thanks to the elastane fibre in its make, not only looked comfortable and sexy but fit like a glove. Can’t be free at a festival without a little bit of stretch can you?

Frills and Ruffles: Dresses, tops, skirts and even denim wear seem to have adopted this trend to depict feminine flair with a little bit of gypsy-esque carefreeness. Frills and ruffles were adding drama to the ordinary surfaces and a little bit of bulk to where the ladies thought they could use some volume.

Lace and crochet: mostly in whites, but crocheted and lace dresses and tops were a rage at Coachella. Wide gaping ones and tightly knit ones, there were lace and crocheted garments everywhere, keeping it light and airy, perfect for summer.

Off the shoulder crop tops: sexy and bold, in boyish and feminine silhouettes, off the shoulder crop tops are a 90’s favorite. Needless to say, with some elastane fibre in its make, some of them appeared to be snug but super-duper comfortable.

Wear these easy and comfortable trends to bring Coachella feels to your summer…also, don’t forget to smile!