How To Get The Coachella Trend Right This Summer

After much research and thorough observation, we picked up some super-hot street style trends from Coachella that you can incorporate in your day to day life so that the entire summer feels like one big fashionable celebration of life. Stay cool and make a bold style statement with these fabulous 90’s trends this summer.

INVIYA-finalDenim hot pants: Oh the festival was packed with ladies flaunting their lovely legs in this extraordinary denim creation– denim hot pant with frayed and regular hems were definitely a Coachella staple. Gorgeous blue denim hot pants with a hint of stretch, thanks to the elastane fibre in its make, not only looked comfortable and sexy but fit like a glove. Can’t be free at a festival without a little bit of stretch can you?

Frills and Ruffles: Dresses, tops, skirts and even denim wear seem to have adopted this trend to depict feminine flair with a little bit of gypsy-esque carefreeness. Frills and ruffles were adding drama to the ordinary surfaces and a little bit of bulk to where the ladies thought they could use some volume.

Lace and crochet: mostly in whites, but crocheted and lace dresses and tops were a rage at Coachella. Wide gaping ones and tightly knit ones, there were lace and crocheted garments everywhere, keeping it light and airy, perfect for summer.

Off the shoulder crop tops: sexy and bold, in boyish and feminine silhouettes, off the shoulder crop tops are a 90’s favorite. Needless to say, with some elastane fibre in its make, some of them appeared to be snug but super-duper comfortable.

Wear these easy and comfortable trends to bring Coachella feels to your summer…also, don’t forget to smile!

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