Tie-Dye – The Biggest Revamped Spring Fashion Trend of 2019

tye dye fashion trend

If you thought that tie-dye fashion is a thing of the past, well think again, for this chic boho look has taken over fashion runways for the latest spring collection of 2019.

A popular trend in the ’60s and ’70s, this psychedelic spring fashion trend is back in vogue, all thanks to New York Fashion Week which showcased it in its revamped avatar, for the world to follow the trend. Tie-dye earlier used to be just your t-shirts donned in an eclectic mix of colors which looked like someone filled the rainbow in a balloon and splashed it onto the fabric. But now the technique tells a completely different story. Not only has it become classier but also it is not just limited to your comfy t-shirts or kaftans anymore.

One of the reasons tie-dye is making a comeback with aplomb in spring fashion is the fashion industry’s endeavor to shift the scales more towards sustainability. Where earlier tie-dye gave out a hippy and bohemian vibe, the carefully chosen color palette now has made it more sophisticated, enough to be sported by fashion icons and celebrities like Beyonce, Gigi, and Bieber. The colors have changed and so have the fabric and the styles in which tie-dye was incorporated earlier. T-shirts have always been the favorite medium for tie-dye but this style is now being seen in blazers, pants, trench coats and even socks for that matter. It is not a child’s play anymore, literally.

Jumpsuits – With half of the jumpsuit in a solid color the lower half portion under the knee in tie-dye is the perfect way to maintain that balance between the two worlds of solids and tie-dye.

Jackets – A bomber jacket in tie-dye matched with pinstripe trousers is the new boho-meets chic look for spring fashion style 2019.

Maxi dress – A favorite fabric this season for tie-dye is satin and a maxi dress in satin brings out the colors in a brilliant way.

Shirt – Don’t wait to book a trip to the beach to try this shirt. Designers are experimenting with fabrics like denim for spring fashion casual look and trust us it looks gorgeous.

Jumpers – Its tie-dye all year round now with even the woolens getting to experience the beauty of it, first with jackets and now jumpers.

Scarves – Scarves are something that adds an element of style to your ensemble and when you pair one in tie-dye with a solid pastel shirt and stretch denim you simply look like million bucks.

T-shirts and sweatshirts – Something you can easily pair with a pair of tights, shorts or a pair of stretch denim.

Tie dye Jumper Sweater

Picture Credits – Ralph lauren

Bags – Now this is a new one, for accessories are also part of your outfit and a big one for that matter. Spring fashion bags or say Tie-dye bags can go with just about anything, solids or prints, pastels or earthy colors.


tye dye bags fashion

Picture Credit – Urban Outfitters

Bonus Tip – While carrying this tie and dye fashion trend, keep in mind that less is more so don’t go overboard with it and keep a few pieces in solids to create a synced look.