Here’s what 2020 has in store for Men’s Fashion

2020 Men’s fashion

The year 2020 has brought with it newer trends for the world of men’s fashion; some that have been carried forward from the last season and some that are about to become the latest rage for the new decade. If you like heads turning when you walk into a room then you are someone who follows men’s fashion trends actively. We bring for you and for those who would love to be in the same league as you, a guide on what 2020 has in store for men’s fashion.

  • Patch it up in style

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The biggest trend for men’s fashion 2020 is going to be the patchwork suits that are being loved in a big way. Patchwork tailored shirts are the things to flaunt this season and the earthier the colors, the better it is. But since it is fashion 2020 that we are talking about, the shirts are going to have the patchworks in different shapes and styles. If you want to bring out the patchwork, pair the suit with a white round neck t-shirt; another fashion staple that is going to be a big part of men’s outfits 2020.

  • Relax with the relaxed suit

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Wear the men’s suits in style with a relaxed combination of blazer and trousers that are tailored and yet give this formal clothing a comfortable vibe. Skip the formal shirt and formal shoes with this kind of suit for it needs to be paired with something casual to create the perfect ensemble. That can only be a white t-shirt and we told you already how you wouldn’t be able to live without this one in 2020.

  • Tie and dye to die for


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Taking a page from the fashion journals of women’s fashion trends for 2020, men’s clothing store are decorating their window displays with tie and dye pieces for men’s closet. There is the humble t-shirt to start with and taking the trend further the fabric style is being used in sweatshirts and shirts.

  • Upgrade the suit color palette

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There are shades of blacks, whites, beige and then there are colors that are going to add to the style of men’s suits. A light pink or an electric blue isn’t going to shock you anymore for these hues are just the tip of the iceberg. Wearing a monochromatic suit gives a sleek silhouette and for this, you don’t need to depend on just black anymore.

  • Accessories to complete the look

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You won’t be able to keep your eyes and hands off the cross body man purse this year. This purse is something you can carry even with the men’s suits for a wedding. A messenger style will work with your casual picks and one in leather is what you need for a formal setting. The next in your list should be shield sunglasses, Blade Runner style. They are the perfect futuristic accessory to flaunt in 2020.

Most trends of fashion 2020 will have a mix of nostalgic comebacks of classics like the flared pants, inspirations from women’s fashion like sheer tops and trends that will pay an ode to the future.

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