What makes a quality pair of Denim?

Quality pairs of denim shouldn’t just look luxurious but feel luxurious too.

We can’t deny the fact that there is no specific element, which upgrades the quality of the denim, but the composition of quality denim relies upon the components used and the quality of components.

As a consumer, it’s always better to invest in premium denim wear. It not merely offers a deluxe denim experience but will be long-lasting too. 

Wondering what makes a quality pair of denim?

We have garnered a few crucial indications that define premium quality denim

  • The Stretch Factor

If you are seeking a form-fitting comfort with utmost mobility, then bank on the stretch denim. Stretch denim is typical denim integrated with spandex; owing to its properties that ensure a notable combination of stretch, comfort, and durability. This is the prime reason why spandex is considered to be the ideal fabric for denim wear. 

  • Premium quality zippers and buttons

When it comes to picking the right denim, zippers and buttons play a vital role. Undoubtedly high-quality denim demands good quality materials. Premium quality denim manufacturers rather use top-notch metal buttons and zippers than intending to save a few bucks by relying upon cheap quality materials.

  • Strong & Durable

The strength and durability of denim go hand in hand and the secret of unparalleled strength and durability is contingent upon the construction of the denim. Denim fabric is naturally strong and damage resistant, also it is considered to be the strongest fabrics than other textiles. Premium denim manufacturers ensure that they use natural denim which lasts for a long and offers the desired fit even after several washes. 

  • Right Fit and design details

The right denim ensures the desired fit, without being too loose or tight which automatically offers extreme mobility. Certain design features help the consumer to figure if the denim is made to last. Denim design details tell a lot about the denim construction, there are different types of denim and each has distinctive features.

  • No Strains or Loose Threads

Premium quality denim manufacturers ensure that the denim is not used in their denim construction and the finished product is free from any kind of stains, as the stains are visible in low-quality denim.

A quality pair of denim has closed ends stitching with invisible thread protruding. If you discover any stain or loose thread in the denim then it’s probably not the right pair to go for. Denim with no stain and the loose thread is the revealing sign for quality denim.

Investing in quality denim is always a smart investment. It might cost you some extra bucks but it’ll be worth every buck you pay. Quality denim overarches confidence and energy and accentuates your features with the ultimate fit and unrestricted movement.

If you discover the right denim pair, it should not be forgotten that there is no value of quality denim if a pair of jeans just don’t fit well, so always go for the right size. 

For your next denim shopping, don’t forget to consider these secret factors that make usual denim the quality pair of denim.