Skirts – Bold, Bright and Trendy

No matter what, the freedom a woman experiences in a skirt is unmatchable with any other fashion clothing. A perfect skirt accentuates a woman’s looks and gives her a sense of confidence that boosts her morale. Style is undoubtedly the first thing that is on a girl’s mind when she heads out for shopping. But the next thing for sure, is comfort. And nothing can replace the comfort an outfit made of freedom fibre INVIYA provides.



From times immemorial, skirts have been a part of our culture and fashion. The origin of skirt dates back to 3900 B.C. when it was discovered in Armenia in the Areni-1 Cave complex. Although skirts are generally known across the world as women wear, if we go back in history, skirts used to be worn by men as well.

In fact, mini skirts, which are typically believed to have its origins from the western culture, were worn in early and medieval times by tribal women.

As skirt is a garment that hangs around the waist, covering all or parts of legs, it provides great level of comfort to the one wearing it. With a perfect skirt, one can perform a lot of activities without much of hassle. It definitely is an essential part of women’s clothing since centuries and has been a synonym to both eroticism and elegance.

India is a country where fashion in all forms is welcomed with open hands. There is a huge number of large and small scale textile companies in India that are involved in aggressive cloth manufacturing to cater to the ever-changing and ever-increasing demands of fashionistas in our country. And hence, we love and adore skirts. Over a period of time, they have become an inevitable part of our everyday clothing.

But as every woman has her own style of dressing depending on her body shape and personality, skirts too, come in various shapes, sizes and patterns to give every woman a distinctive look of her own and match her taste and choice. While a lot of women would like to conceal their lower curves with flowing skirts, a lot others would want to highlight them with skin – fitted, assets – enhancing skirts. And for perfect skin-fitted skirts, elasticity of fibre is very essential.

Have you ever wondered what it is that gives that perfect stretch-to-fit feel to those lovable skirts of yours? Have you ever given it a thought that how you are able to acquire that to-die-for look and catch hundreds of eyeballs?

This is where the role of INVIYA ® fibre comes in. This is a new revolutionary branded spandex product that has set high standards for other textile companies in India. The fibre nowadays is used in any and every category of clothing; be it active wear, sportswear, nightwear, innerwear, swimwear, stretch denim, socks or stockings. Spandex in India is manufactured by Indorama Industries, which is the first manufacturer of Spandex fibre by the brand name of INVIYA ®. With the increasing demand of comfort wears, not even a single category of clothing is bereft of the presence of INVIYA ® in the fabric.

Coming back to skirts, they are not just a part of the metropolitan culture in India. In fact, their form is much evolved and experimented with, than any other country in the world. The most famous trademark garment of our country – Saree, has a petticoat beneath, which is also an evolved form of a skirt being used as a base for wrapping the Sari over it. In states like Rajasthan, “Gher wala Ghaghra” worn with a blouse is a famous traditional wear.

So every woman should be thankful to Freedom Fibre INVIYA ® for providing them with this freedom fibre that caters to all their Fashion and Comfort needs.

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Make Way for Today’s Fashion Genie – The New Fashion Fibre

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence” conjured the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Amidst all of fashion’s mood swings, runway trends or style what forms the basis of fashion is ‘Freedom’; freedom to express yourself, to be confident, to feel beautiful inside out and most importantly to be comfortable.

Fashion FibreSomething that sets you apart and liberates you from the conventional or the usual is what defines fashion in true sense. And that is what brings me to the concept of Fashion Fibre, a revolutionary fibre that has exceptional stretch, comfort & fit qualities. Imagine if your beloved denims, that party top or your favorite beachwear could fulfill all purposes in one i.e. not just make you look gorgeous but also gives you the perfect fit & comfort to go with it.

Be it a size zero or plus size, the new stretch fibre makes fashion comfortable for every size & type without compromising on the style quotient. INVIYA®, is the new age fashion fibre which has bought a new kind of fabolution in the fashion industry with its unique and versatile fibre I-300 which when infused with fashion apparels lends extra comfort, perfect shape and freedom of movement to the wearer. From denims, ready to wear, casual, active, shape wear and intimate wear, this fashion fibre is perfecto for all.

There would have been times when you felt head over heels over a fantastic dress but when you donned it, it failed to give you the perfect fit and shape. Fashion is all about accentuating your curves in such a way that you look stylish with lot of panache to hold on to. INVIYA®’s I-300 range when infused with your dress gives you the perfect snug and fit, accentuating your curves like none other. The new fashion fibre adds testimony to the notion that fashion can be comfortable and easy.

We’ve all been through that age when we all get succumbed to peer pressure and the notion of matching up to fashion & being stylish haunts us like a crucial exam to be passed. For today’s fashion-o-holics, what matters most is that they can go to any extent to show how glamorous, modish and stylish they are. Just to show that they follow fashion, they keep on trying everything that is in trend. But in achieving this they do negotiate on certain elements like comfort, fit, size and the overall look. I too had to face the ordeal as I became too embarrassed about my weight and shape, the extra flab used to just fall from places making me conscious & look damn ugly in whatever I wore; from loose tops to oversized clothes, my wardrobe was filled with outfits that made me look more bloated. But thanks to the new stretch fibre which has come as a fashion genie for all.

With a penchant for fashion, today I can wear whatever I want to and look absolutely amazing and hot. Because INVIYA® with its I-300 fashion range makes outfit that snugs your body so accurately that you feel it like your second skin, it’s that awesome. It gives me the freedom to do fashion my way, my style. I don’t follow trends now but create my own. And when people ask me the reason of my confidence, I just feel like thanking INVIYA® for making such a splendid product.

So, all my lovely, stunning and dazzling ladies, don’t let fashion rule you, instead you rule fashion by setting up your own style trademark which upholds Fashion comes from Freedom belief. I will be back next time with yet another interesting topic on fashion forward, till then BE YOU, BE BOLD and keep it stylish always.

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Love Yourself Says Freedom Fibre

February is regarded as the Love month; all thanks to Valentine’s Day. A day when everyone with their cupid struck hearts will be celebrating the romance in their life with all pomp and grandeur. But as Lady Gaga correctly pronounces: “You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself.” Love is a great feeling and when it starts with you, you enter into a lifelong romance with yourself.

So friends and dear readers, how about doing the different this love month by celebrating change, celebrating the real you irrespective of what your body, shape, figure, weight, persona is; falling madly in love with yourself first, before proclaiming your love for someone else. A lot has been said about how women should accept a wider definition of beauty and to celebrate their natural beauty by being comfortable in their own skin. In today’s changing times, every woman and every girl should feel good about herself, how they look inside out. Therefore, love yourself, because real you is not just beautiful but awesome!

Inviya Freedom Fibre

Live Free with Inviya Freedom Fibre

The perception of beauty and fashion has changed over the period of time. Today, fashion is all about being skinny or maintaining size zero but with the introduction of the Freedom Fibre TM this fad has changed; breaking the next generation from beauty stereotype. It is a revolutionary fashion fibre that allows each and everyone one of you out there to love yourself in whatever you wear without having to worry about what your size or style quotient. Proclaim proudly how gorgeous and stunning you feel about yourself when you flaunt your own style that is you. Unique.

The basic problem with women these days are that they start being perpetually self-conscious and unduly critical about themselves; exaggerating their flaws to an extent where they start being too judgmental about their looks and shape. Spandex fibre is a new trend-setter in the fashion industry which will take all inhibitions away from you related to your body, its size and shape because of its innate qualities like durability, flexibility, comfort and stretch. The fashion fibre makes you feel iconically fashionable and stylish.

You are best defined by yourself; your clothes don’t define you. The Freedom Fibre TM keeps you in touch with the real you. It gives you the freedom to be in touch with the real you. Whether it is a lace or bodycon dress, the Freedom Fibre TM is a perfect match to all. It doesn’t end here spandex fibre when infused with lingerie, socks, daily casual wear, denims or sportswear makes for an amazing fibre that fits all. Quite apparently, now you don’t need a single day to love yourself, you can make everyday a Valentine Day by flaunting your glamorous self.

INVIYA is the only and first spandex brand manufactured in India which is endowed with amazing qualities of stretch, fit, comfort and style. You need not bother about which fashion will suit you best when this state-of-the-art and innovative fibre is there to make you feel and look like a dazzler.  It’s like a perfect friend who doesn’t need a reason to celebrate your curves, body, shape and persona. So friend’s always ask for clothes infused with INVIYA in it and look your stylish best. Forever. Re-discover a confident, bold, sensuous, beautiful and awesome you this Valentine’s Day by starting a new relationship with yourself.

Leggings: How We Do Them in Fashion

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Shiny Leggings

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Textile Raw Materials: The Growth Factor

Inviya textile raw material

Textile Raw Material

Textile is a thriving industry in India, with a host of manufactures involved in producing various varieties of premium quality Filament & Core Spun Yarn for domestic and international markets. Like every other industry in the world, textile industry also abounds in many medium to large sized firms with an extensive portfolio of services. Manufactures that have been successfully operating in the industry for several years now have an advantage over the smaller or medium sized businesses. Loaded with expertise and experience, they have set up a wide distribution and transportation network almost in all the major markets and claim to cover the remotest customer at the same time ensuring fast delivery of services. Continue reading