Fashion trends that will define autumn/winter 2020

Towards the end, every year brings a fresh collection of designs and shapewear for the aspiring folks to flaunt in the chilling winters. 

So it did this year.

From the neutral color combination to numerous bright shades, spandex fiber wear has been popular among fashion lovers for a perfect fit.

Let me walk you through the most popular winter fashion trends:

  1. PU Leather Coats

Affordability is a major benefit of wearing PU leather coats. Also known as the faux-leather; conduces to cost just a fraction of real leather cost, therefore people who want to have a leather-look for cheap prices can opt for faux-leather as a viable option. 

PU leather coats are lightweight which are easier to pack for travel or wear as everyday attire. The comfort of the material adds a style option for warm or cool weather. Additionally, there are PU jackets available having a faux-fur liner added inside for a cozy, warm option when the winters start to arrive.

2. Boot tucked trousers

The last couple of seasons have been a shred of evidence for a change, even if it means a little extra tugging and arranging.

Boot tucked trousers

If you wish to have a fresh look at the western trend, consider tucking relaxed denim into cowboy boots and try to finish off the appearance with a jean jacket and printed neckerchief.

3. Women Spandex long sleeve tops

Spandex yarn clothes are comparatively lightweight and comfortable to wear for girls. Such tops are resistant to water, has great elasticity, and is durable and strong.

 long sleeve tops

Inviya spandex used for the manufacturing of such articles are of higher quality and is stronger than the rubber, which offers enduring durability of the items. All those who are inclined to infuse spandex clothing into their routine winter style must opt for Inviya infused clothes for a unique appearance.

4. Cozy hoodies

This is the one piece of fashion clothing that lingers at the forefronts of the closet whether it’s snowing or somewhere in-between. 

It’s obviously worth considering a proceeding on a great hoodie, especially when there are so many cozy, yet stylish options this winter season. There’s always room to include a hoodie into your look.

Cozy hoodies

5. Knit sweater

Since its inception, various designers have consolidated knits into their women’s clothing lines. Primarily used for winter clothes for women, knitwear is appearing through new technology and machines that are creating knitting fabrics that can be worn comfortably through the winters and falls.

Knit sweater

6. Nylon-Spandex leggings

The perfect combination of lightweight nylon and bare spandex makes such leggings the best of both worlds.

Nylon-Spandex leggings

These leggings feel just as cozy as cotton for casual wear, on either hand keeping away sweat for working out. The core-spun yarn legging material is a composite for both performance and style.

Spandex manufacturers for such leggings makes with this ideal and extremely flattering fabric blend. These are also high-waisted and squat-proof, it’s great for either you’re doing squats at the gym or cycling to work or lounging on the couch.

So chin up — make leggings everyday winter wear.

7. Belted warm coats

Do you love a wide-leg jean? Yes!

Pair them with a wool coat for an easy and cozy winter look.

Belted warm coats

8. Highneck sweaters

With a pair of textured trousers or plain jeans, opt for a creamy white knit, tucked in or left loose casually.

For a date evening, choose classic yet bold black-and-white tones with a skirt topped with a high neck sweater. Instead of a button-down, choose a high neck sweater to style with a tailored suit this fall season.



Another performance wear in which spandex plays a major role is a “Triathlon suit” or “Tri-suit”. For people like you and me this is a new word out of the blue but Triathlon suit is actually a widely used performance wear and requires a lot of technicalities to manufacture.

It is a clothing item specially worn in “Triathlon” which is a sporting event which was originated in 1920’s. It’s an Olympic level sport; comprising of multiple-stage competition of three continuous and sequential endurance sports. There are many variations of the sport but most popular one is which involves swimming, cycling and running in immediate sequence over a distance.

The basic element (fibre) required to manufacture a triathlon suit is spandex fibre, as all the properties which are required in a triathlon suit are easily achievable by using spandex fibre in the making.

Click here to read about Role Of Spandex In – Triathlon Suits

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Types Of Stretch Denim Fabrics Based On Female Body Types

If you’re looking to buy stretch jeans in the near future, you might want to give this a read. Stretch jeans work on all body types because they are woven from Covered Spandex Yarn that either takes the shape of the body or sculpts it depending on the spandex to hard yarn ratio in the composition of the fabric.


If the covered spandex yarn composition has high spandex yarn counts it is likely to provide more stretch. Naturally, this fabric is made to be more flexible, taking the shape of the body type of the wearer.

This type of fabric is ideal for women who have a slim frame or a taut proportionate body. The fabric is flexible and sculpts the body of the wearer in the most natural way possible.

If the covered spandex yarn composition has low spandex yarn counts it is likely to provide controlled or less stretch. This fabric is made to be more structured and rigid, controlling the body of the the wearer.

This type of fabric is ideal for women who want to control their curves and give their bodies a taut and firm appearance.

Knowing the stretch denim fabric that ticks for you reduces bad experiences while buying jeans or skirts. Just tug to explore and pick the right fit for you.

Incorporate Comfort In Your Daily Life- Athleisure: A Trend To Follow

Have you lately been wondering why your best friend stepped in ladies karaoke night like she was there to shed some sweat but still looking classy like a lady?  All thanks to the latest fashion trend ‘Athleisure’, sweatshirts and tights are no more considered as the dress code for a calorie burning sessions in your gym or in your yoga class. This new trend is not only limited to the fashionista next door, but high-end celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Shahid Kapoor are also seen walking out with that comfortable attire made up of covered spandex yarn.


While you try out this fashion trend, these are the three must haves:

Pair it up: Overdoing something has never worked with any trend. You might want to make a statement by adding a printed bomber jacket and make it a ‘go-to-party’ look. In that case, a boyfriend- fit t-shirt or a shrug can work too. Or if going out with friends on a brunch pair it up with a long over coat.

Pick the patterns: Don’t stick to the age old ‘all over’ look. Brands producing the trendy workout apparel are coming up with stripes, block colors and digital prints made with covered spandex yarn. This adds to your gym wardrobe and would rate you well on the trend alert too. Next time try the fine checks or stripes to make your athleisure wardrobe more diverse.

Accessorize!: Do you smell a party? How could you not add the bling! Complete the comfort with a pair of reflectors, your favorite sling and those boots to lift you up. Add a bit of spark with that right ornament. For a more casual look go out with the beloved white sneakers in your feet mixed with great pair of shades.

Trends are not just about what looks good on you but what makes you comfortable in your own skin. This one is here to last, with factor of “Comfort” scoring high. Pick one or mix and match these and get ready to rock!