Here’s what 2020 has in store for Men’s Fashion

2020 Men’s fashion

The year 2020 has brought with it newer trends for the world of men’s fashion; some that have been carried forward from the last season and some that are about to become the latest rage for the new decade. If you like heads turning when you walk into a room then you are someone who follows men’s fashion trends actively. We bring for you and for those who would love to be in the same league as you, a guide on what 2020 has in store for men’s fashion.

  • Patch it up in style

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The biggest trend for men’s fashion 2020 is going to be the patchwork suits that are being loved in a big way. Patchwork tailored shirts are the things to flaunt this season and the earthier the colors, the better it is. But since it is fashion 2020 that we are talking about, the shirts are going to have the patchworks in different shapes and styles. If you want to bring out the patchwork, pair the suit with a white round neck t-shirt; another fashion staple that is going to be a big part of men’s outfits 2020.

  • Relax with the relaxed suit

mens style

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Wear the men’s suits in style with a relaxed combination of blazer and trousers that are tailored and yet give this formal clothing a comfortable vibe. Skip the formal shirt and formal shoes with this kind of suit for it needs to be paired with something casual to create the perfect ensemble. That can only be a white t-shirt and we told you already how you wouldn’t be able to live without this one in 2020.

  • Tie and dye to die for


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Taking a page from the fashion journals of women’s fashion trends for 2020, men’s clothing store are decorating their window displays with tie and dye pieces for men’s closet. There is the humble t-shirt to start with and taking the trend further the fabric style is being used in sweatshirts and shirts.

  • Upgrade the suit color palette

mens fashion suits

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There are shades of blacks, whites, beige and then there are colors that are going to add to the style of men’s suits. A light pink or an electric blue isn’t going to shock you anymore for these hues are just the tip of the iceberg. Wearing a monochromatic suit gives a sleek silhouette and for this, you don’t need to depend on just black anymore.

  • Accessories to complete the look

suits for men

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You won’t be able to keep your eyes and hands off the cross body man purse this year. This purse is something you can carry even with the men’s suits for a wedding. A messenger style will work with your casual picks and one in leather is what you need for a formal setting. The next in your list should be shield sunglasses, Blade Runner style. They are the perfect futuristic accessory to flaunt in 2020.

Most trends of fashion 2020 will have a mix of nostalgic comebacks of classics like the flared pants, inspirations from women’s fashion like sheer tops and trends that will pay an ode to the future.

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2020 Trends you need to watch out for This Spring!

Trends you need to watch out for This Spring! (1)

When fashion trends change like the weather, they do so rapidly, and it can be hard to keep up. And, of course, you always have to consider your taste before you fall down the long rabbit hole of what’s “hot.” Just because an outfit makes it on the runway, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to wear it. Nevertheless- 2020 has promised a diverse lineup of looks that you’re bound to want to embrace at least one of the trends.

Here, we include some trendy pieces to wear with your staples that never seems to go out of style, just like the true and tested LBD that you can always dress up. It’s a great way to keep you looking fresh. So what trends are you thinking of adding to your wardrobe? According to many fashion experts and reports, these looks are going to take over in 2020!

Short Suits:

suits dress

Short suits are expected to be majorly prevalent in 2020. After looking at trends from over a hundred fashion shows, it was evident that designers were putting a twist on the classic suit, many high-fashion designers took inspiration from this trend for spring. Equal parts nine-to-five and equal part California cool, meet the next wave of the bike short trend. The outfit isn’t just meant for a warm-weather look, though. In addition to being paired with sandals and mules, some short suits were also styled with knee-high boots which means this look may even see us through to the fall! If you want to try some snazzy yet functional short suits, look for these outfits in spandex fabric to avail that comfortable and cosy feel!

Shiny-Metallic Fabrics:

metallic dresses

You don’t need to reserve metallics for special occasions. You can incorporate this bright trend into your everyday wardrobe as well. And of course, there’s a way to do so subtly. Make sure to pair metallic hues like gold, rose gold and bronze with warm colours like earthy tones while grey, silver, and gunmetal look good with cooler tones like a navy blue. If you want to go all out, you can pair bright colours with glittery and sparkly fabrics too! Look out for some incredibly comfortable fabrics like metallic fabrics with spandex in them which let you be functional in the high-fashion you wear.

Short Shorts:

metallic shorts spandex
Who wears short shorts? A lot of us- as soon as the weather allows us to! Hot pants have staged a triumphant comeback on the spring 2020 runways—from teeny tiny knit shorts at to denim cutoffs at and some spandex shorts at Brandon Maxwell. For those who’d rather ease into it like Daisy Duke status, Chanel styled the look with black tights- a look we must say we loved!

If you’re looking for something that’s going to woo your fashion-friendly circle while keeping it comfortable, spandex is your answer. This magic fabric does not reject movement but flows with it. It is functional yet also aesthetically pleasing. So don’t hold back, get your hands on some clothes with spandex in them today!

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Spandex!

Inviya - Spandex Dresses

If you’re into stretchy spandex leggings, then we have some amazing news for you: they’re a great option to pick if you’re looking for comfortable and practical wear! Spandex leggings come in with high resiliency and versatility. They are not only extremely comfortable to wear but at the same time are very satisfying to use. They’re simple and quick to wear when you want to wear something for varying setup. They fit virtually anything and go well with almost all kinds of events.

inviya spandex

If you are still not sold and are still looking for reasons to choose Spandex, here are our top 5 reasons to choose why!

spandex dress


1. Freedom and Minimum Stretchability:

These leggings will provide you with the maximum freedom to walk anywhere you want. They are very different from wearing only cotton leggings. Only cotton leggings will tend to expand as they are washed and worn many times. Spandex cotton leggings on the other hand, never become larger than their original size. No matter how many times you wear these leggings, they will always go back to their original size.

spandex dresses

2. The perfect fit:

Spandex in your legging material will offer stretchability that will fit you like a dream. No other material will provide you with a fit as ideal as this one. They will sit well on your legs and thighs and soften down your tummy. Aside from the figure-hugging styles they provide, these legging will make you feel elegant and stylish at the same time!

spandex legging

3. They look incredible:  

These tights are not only comfortable but when worn, but look rich and elegant. These materials like nylon, cotton, polyester along with spandex are able to make a piece of clothing stretchable and strong throughout a long period of time. The result can also be made to look shiny and is very soft to touch as well. The features make you look like a diva at any given time!

spandex dress by inviya

4. Wrinkle-proof and shrink-proof:

While only cotton garment might give you shrink-woes, this is not the case with Spandex. Polyester-spandex fabrics which are usually fully shrink-proof and wrinkle-proof. They recover to their original size and shape immediately.


5. Comfort yet fashionable:

These two points rarely ever go together, but Spandex will make sure that you are achieving a high stylised look with minimal effort. These body-hugging wonders look great on any body type and size while maintaining their feel-good nature.

Considering the amazing benefits, both functionally and aesthetically, there is enough reason to believe that when it comes to clothing option spandex is perhaps one of the best options to choose from. For people who are looking to use spandex in sportswear, swimwear, and other such items, it is definitely beneficial for them.

The spandex fabric not only can give you all the glam but it does so with all the functionality usable for you.

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Spandex on the Runway – Let Your Spandex Outfit Steal the Show

spandex on the runway - 1

Spandex is here and it is here to stay, sweeping all runways and spreading like wildfire. Right from cycling shorts to blouses and in solids to floral prints; you have never before been so spoilt for choice when it came to this amazing thing called spandex – the core of stretch fabric. When someone as big as Chanel gives a nod of approval to Spandex at the Paris Fashion Week, the world sits up and definitely takes notice. Spandex outfits are now being touted as the hottest trend for 2019 and not just in the shorts category but also in that of leggings. You know what to stock up on for this season, what’s left to do is to decide how to style your spandex beauties.

  • The spandex co-ordinates

Printed spandex short with a matching printed top is the way to go. The bike shorts are perfect for your day at the beach when you match them with a hat and some shades.

spandex co-ordinates

  • Animal print

Spandex fabric and animal print, you simply cannot say no to this one. A leather bomber jacket, some ankle boots and you can hop onto a bike for a fun evening in town.

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  • Go floral

Floral biking shorts and a matched crop top will make you ready for a luncheon. Throw over a denim shrug or a short jacket and pair them with some casual shoes.
go floral

  • Athleisure at its best

Spandex Mesh leggings and a t-shirt or a sports bra made of spandex is going to amp up the heat in your at your workout session for sure. Throw over a sweatshirt and you can instantly turn the look into loungewear.  

Athleisure at its best

  • Capris

You simply cannot decide on how long you want your lowers to be but what you can decide is that you want them in stretch fabric. Take the middle road and go in for capris made of spandex fabric and team them up with a blazer. When in doubt, the world goes the Chanel way, which was anyway the frontrunner in endorsing spandex as the flavor of the season. So a pink tweed blazer it is, ala Chanel style.


  • Seamless leggings

A tailored blazer, a white shirt, and your heels: the perfect ensemble for a day at the office. Spandex is everywhere, right from the beach to your board meetings. Embrace this beauty which makes you look like a million bucks.

spandex leggings

  • High waist and mid waist leggings

Now this one definitely needs no second thoughts. First, it is stretch fabric and then it is high or mid waist which is going to do magic for your silhouette. These stretched spandex pants can be paired with a loose top for a casual look or with a blazer or jacket for a more formal appearance.

High waist and mid waist leggings

  • Biking shorts

Comfortable stretch has never looked as gorgeous as it does in biking shorts. You simply have to take that white t-shirt and denim jacket out of your closet to complete the chic look.

biking short2

  • Spandex dress

Go twinning with your BFF in spandex shiny dresses and make heads turn at the divas in the room.

spandex dress-1

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May 20th holds an important place in the history of “Jeans” as birthday of “Blue Jeans”. On this date in 1873, Blue Jean made its debut, as one of the American companies received a US patent for this.

This year, Sunday May 20th marks 145th Birthday of Blue Jeans.

Jeans is iconic garment made by “Denim” fabric, which is sturdy cotton warp-faced fabric having white filling in reverse direction. Jeans is generally characterized by strength, tear resistance and visually appealing blue shade, which fades each time the garment, undergoes laundering.

Changing fashion styles and attitudes altered the look of the blue jean over time, but until recently, the blue jean had remained true blue to its cotton origins. The recent influx of man-made fibers into blue jeans is not a good fit for many consumers and could affect the care, wear and expected five-year longevity of their beloved blue jeans.

The history of denim as being all cotton, comfortable and crazy durable earned it a spot quickly with folks who work hard physically like farmers and workers in the industrial spaces like miners, mechanics, shop floor workers.

The denim fabric from which jeans are made is very strong, rugged and has good tear resistance, thus protecting the wearer in these work profiles and lasting longer as required by the professional requirements and economic conditions.

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