Another performance wear in which spandex plays a major role is a “Triathlon suit” or “Tri-suit”. For people like you and me this is a new word out of the blue but Triathlon suit is actually a widely used performance wear and requires a lot of technicalities to manufacture.

It is a clothing item specially worn in “Triathlon” which is a sporting event which was originated in 1920’s. It’s an Olympic level sport; comprising of multiple-stage competition of three continuous and sequential endurance sports. There are many variations of the sport but most popular one is which involves swimming, cycling and running in immediate sequence over a distance.

The basic element (fibre) required to manufacture a triathlon suit is spandex fibre, as all the properties which are required in a triathlon suit are easily achievable by using spandex fibre in the making.

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Get Access To High-Comfort With T-Shirts

If there is one best friend who we always fail to acknowledge, it has to be the good old t-shirt which has always been a loyal companion since our pre-teens. Back in the day we would bounce upon any opportunity to wear the t-shirt whenever the sports week arrived at school. Gradually as we reached college, it became a staple wear which we would slip on whatever the occasion might be. Thanks to innovations in the textile manufacturing industry, t-shirts now combine the stretchable property of spandex and covered spandex yarn with cotton in order to provide people with ultimate comfort. Inviya spandex yarn is a popular name among t-shirt manufacturers who have been relying much on this legendary freedom fibre to provide clothes with superior stretch.


Here are two popular tees which everyone of us have in our wardrobes.

1.The Quirky Tee

With a lot of catchy headlines and saying from movies, this is the t-shirt for anyone who strongly believes in the ‘power of silence’! Simply say nothing and let your clothes do the talking. However there are many low quality duplication’s which are available in the market. To stay away from such pieces make sure that you check for the presence of Inviya spandex yarn in the contents tag.

2.The ‘Support A Cause’ T-shirt

Let your t-shirt scream out your ideology by wearing ‘Cause T-shirts’ which allow you to be vocal about the things you actually feel for. Go out for a campaign or take part in a protest by wearing it to spread awareness. However for long lasting utility, make sure that you check for the presence of Covered Spandex Yarn developed by Inviya Spandex Yarn in it!

So in case you have not been wearing the t shirt for long, its time to pull them out of your wardrobes and pair them up with your favourite jeans!

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Sports Chic Is The Way To Go This Season, Get the Ponte?

Ponte wear is meant for work outs only– this is a myth that needs busting, and quick because if you’re not wearing ponte garments thinking they only belong in the gym, you’re missing out on the biggest trend of the season. In the last couple of years, and even today, ponte garments have been spotted on the runway, and for good reason. Ponte and similar knits define the “sports chic”, “sports luxe” and “athliesure” trend. What is ponte and why is it fashionable?


Ponte is a stretch knitwear fabric constructed from Rayon, Polyester and knitting spandex yarn.

While the Rayon and Polyester yarns add definition and structure to the fabric, what makes ponte just enough stretchable to give you the comfort a stiff fabric made of those two can’t offer, is the Knitting Spandex Yarn. The ponte pants, skirts or even shirts that you wear will give you the freedom to move and appear stylish at the same time– that’s the concept behind “sports chic”, “sports luxe” and “athliesure”. Our lives are fast and mobile. Why should the clothing be any different?


Apart from the blend of the Knitting Spandex Yarn with Rayon and Polyester yarns, it is also the knit that makes ponte fabric maintain its shape (recovery from the stretch when you’ve put on or shed a little weight), the fabric will mould itself to the curves of your body and even act as a tucker in the places where it is required.

Still think ponte is only for workouts?