Concept of Stretch in Fabric


The woven and denim garment in general has almost nil stretch making the garment less comfortable and rigid as compared to knit garments, whereas knit garment has a property of de-shaping over a period of use making it less attractive and more prone to deforming as compared to woven garments.

By adding INVIYA® – bare spandex to both woven and knit category of fabrics, woven and denim garments become stretchable and knit garments retains its shape with longer period of use, thus adding value to the entire range of garments.

The entire notion of adding bare spandex to the core yarn of a fabric is to enhance the below properties of the final fabric:

  • Stretchability
  • Drape – gives good drape
  • Good Stretch recovery
  • Wrinkle resistance

 With the more active lifestyle and changing requirement in everyday life it is required more than ever to have a fabric which will not only compliment these conditions but also enhances our daily experience of clothing.

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Rainy Day Skirts For This Monsoon

Since monsoon is just a hop, skip and a jump away, it’s time for all to be ready to welcome it with open arms and possibly, free legs because there will be a lot of hopping, skipping and jumping involved wherever you encounter puddles. That brings us to our next point, which clothes are the best to be hopping, skipping and jumping around, after all, you don’t want to get soaked in the event of one poorly executed hop. What better than skirts to look stylish in and still do the hoping around with safety and grace? Here are some super stylish skirt options that will get you rainy day ready…


Tulip: this is an interesting one, shaped like an upside down bulb, a tulip skirt is just right for rainy days. It’s layered in such a way that if the legs need to expand, it would open up just like a flower, providing the comfort to hop around. If the material of the skirt is a blend of bare spandex and hard yarns, it will give you just the right stretch and structure to look fabulous and be sporty whenever it’s required

Tube: tube skirts don’t facilitate free movement for jumping puddles, they are snug body-hugging movement inhibitors… false. When bare spandex is a component of it’s material, they prove to be the perfect skirts that enable hopping and give you a chic appeal. Wear one and try it. Make sure that if you’re wearing one to work, the length is appropriate.

Circle: this is a mighty cute one that will not only make your bottom appear fuller but also give you ample freedom for jumping and hopping. It’s neither snug nor loose. It’s just free flowing. It will move with your body. Just try to get one in a heavier fabric so that in case of a surprise gust of wind, you don’t have yourself an embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moment. Since this is a free flowing skirt, the presence of bare spandex in its make wont make much of a difference, but it always helps to have a stretch in your garments, just in case you lose or put on a few kilos here and there.

Get The Right Bodycon Dress For You With These Two Tips

What’s the one type of dress that stays in style through the year?

If you didn’t answer that question with “Bodycon”, you might want to think again.

Fashionable or not, a bodycon dress is one that will never go unnoticed at a club, restaurant or, if you’re daring enough, even at work. It is as stylish as style can get.


All women desire to wear one but not many find the courage to. They either feel too slender or too well endowed to carry off a bodycon. We, as supporters of individual style and free self expression through style, encourage all women to try the bodycon if their heart so desires. We also offer a few tips that could help them select the bodycon for them

Curvy women could use help from getting bodycon dresses that have less bare spandex and more hard yarn in the make of the fabric of the dress… wait, what? What does that mean? That means the bodycon dress type that will make curvy women feel comfortable in their skin is one that is made with fabric that stretches but holds the body taut, in place. If you’re one who is conscious about bulges, get this bodycon dress type.

Bare spandex adds stretch to the dress to make movement easier while the hard yarn (e.g. cotton or polyester) holds the structure of the fabric in place.

Women who feel they are too slender to fit into a bodycon dress should get one that’s layered in the places where they feel they can use volume. For instance, a bodycon with ruffles at the bust or a peplum layer around the waist and butt area could be layers that flatter your body. You could wear bodycons with or without stretch and the bare spandex content in proportion to hard yarn is not of much significance.

Did that make you feel like getting a bodycon dress today?

The Wonders Of Spandex

Can you at all make clothes out of rubber?

emmy-rossum-workout-clothesAnd to think, spandex was actually created as a substitute for rubber during the world war. It was created for use in war equipment. Naturally, or synthetically, technically speaking, bare spandex possess all the qualities of rubber, but what makes it better is the fact that it can withstand high or low temperatures, not be weathered on exposure to chemicals like detergents and is very cost efficient to manufacture. In fact, research has shown that the production and recycling of spandex fibre is more eco-friendly than that of any other natural fibres, in the long run.

Now how is bare spandex or elastane utilised, because it stretches up to 500 percent it size, so how do you control its stretch and make it viable for garment production?

Simple. You take elastane and blend it with a hard yarn. A hard yarn is any yarn that is made through natural or synthetic resources. Polyester is a synthetic hard yarn, whereas cotton, a natural hard yarn.

So you either knit elastane yarn with a hard yarn through circular knitting to make garments like socks and pantyhose or you twist a hard yarn or two hard yarns along an elastane yarn to make covered spandex yarn that can be used in the creation of intimate wear, active wear, swim wear and more!

Itchy Skin From Wearing Stretchable Clothing?

Do you often get rash from wearing a legging, a sports bra or a swimsuit and stay rash-free in other stretchable clothing? There’s a very big chance you’re reacting to a certain brand of spandex fibre in your stretchable clothing. Did you know that your stretchable clothing is actually made from bare spandex that undergoes various chemical processes? It’s time to toss the rash inducing clothing aside and prepare yourself thoroughly for your next purchase.


Naturally, the first question that arises is “what is bare spandex and why do I need to know about it?”

Don’t worry if you didn’t pay attention to your chemistry teacher at school or college. Bare Spandex is simply elastane in its rawest form, and elastane is a synthetic derivative of polyurethane. It was created as a substitute for rubber during the 1950’s.

With the advancement of science and technology and progress in the garment segment worldwide, special processes were invented to make spandex a versatile fibre and expand its usage. It is now flame retardant, waterproof, windproof, tear resistant and wrinkle free, among other unique properties. These qualities are achieved through chemical treatments carried out on spandex that may irritate the skin. It may trigger allergies that manifest in the form of skin rash.

That is why it is highly recommended that you purchase garments that are made with superior quality spandex and spandex blends. Brands like Inviya Spandex by Indorama Industries manufacture various types of quality controlled spandex fibres and yarns that are used in garments today.

Look for Inviya fibre in your next stretch-wear purchase and say goodbye to skin rash.