Tips On What To Wear To Work This Monsoon

Monsoon puddles can be extremely fun, but not when you have to step out for work! Whether you like it or not they are going to be around and getting your office wear dirty is the easiest calamity during monsoon. If you follow a few easy and simple monsoon office wear tips, however, you can minimise the possibility of getting your attire dirty and stay fresh and clean for work.

Crop Leg Trousers:


These are must haves in your monsoon office wardrobe. Why? It’s fairly simple– crop leg trousers are shorter in length, they hang above your ankle, naturally making them less prone to getting wet if you encounter water-logged areas on your way. How short? You can decide how short based on your personal taste, as long as it fits within the office dress code boundaries. Ones made with Cotton Stretch Yarn made fabric are ideal, from a freedom of movement point of view.

Quarter Sleeve, Half Sleeve or Sleeveless Tops:cc6fa0aaf53ea6459bb12b7b278e06b8--crop-tops-online-womens-crop-tops.jpg

The same logic as the crop leg trousers, crop sleeve tops are ideal for monsoon weather simply because the lesser the fabric, the lesser the chances of it getting wet and staying wet, especially if you travel in non-ac transport. We suggest wearing fitted sleeveless, half or quarter sleeved tops made with cotton stretch yarn if cotton is your choice of fabric for office wear.

Light Fabric Applications:


Light Cotton Stretch Yarn or polycotton stretch yarn made fabric applications are easier to dry off because heavy cotton yarn made fabrics have a tendency to absorb more water. You can avoid jeans but wear jeggings or leggings. For tops, breezy collarless shirts make a great option. Also, avoid too much layering. The lighter, the better.

Gift Your Dad Some Love Wrapped In Style This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is round the corner and you are running out of gift ideas to make daddy feel special because you made him feel special on his birthday and then fathers day last year and then again his birthday last year… the novelty is just fading away, so what can you do to make Father’s Day special this year? Try giving him a fashion makeover, within the bounds of comfort of course. Check out these fashion clothing items that will definitely win him over…

Father Son or Father Daughter T-shirts


Since it’s Father’s Day, add a special touch to the t-shirt you get for your dad by getting yourself an identical one with some cool slogans like “Mr. Fix it” for your dad and “Miss Broke it” for yourself. Wear this on Father’s day with daddy dearest and don’t forget to take a selfie in it. Just make sure that the t-shirt is of good quality, if you’re getting it custom made. Ensure that it’s made from high quality Cotton Stretch Yarn for maximum durability that will help create long lasting memories.

Regular Fit Chinos

Chinos have been in style for a long long time and if your dad doesn’t already own a well fitted pair, get him one so that he can be stylish this year and for the years to come. Again, ensure it’s crafted from high quality cotton stretch yarn so that your dad stays comfortable and remembers your love every time he wears them.

Check Shirt


Checks are in style this season and since it’s retro fashion, your dad will be ecstatic if you get him a checkered shirt that reminds him of how fashion was back in the day. A nice plaid shirt made with superior quality cotton stretch yarn will make a perfect father’s day gift this year!

Get one or all three and make daddy feel proud of his little one’s choice. Happy Father’s Day!

Easy Diy Summer Dresses For The Fashionista In You

When summer strikes with its scorching heat, we find refuge in everything that’s cool or breezy. The hot weather makes us to shed anything that feels uncomfortable, be it the spicy and oily food or the heavy clothing. Generally, people like to wear something that is comfortable and light . If you don’t have enough dresses for summer or in need of more, then here’s a little help. We’ll help you make your own summer dresses following a few simple steps at home that will make you look like a fashion goddess.

1. White short sleeved blouse



  • Take around 1.5 yards of Cotton Stretch Yarn
  • Take a top that fits you well and trace it on the fabric. The fabric should be folded from the middle in a way that both front and back can be traced and cut in one go. Keep two inches of extra cloth on all sides while cutting.
  • Cut the fabric and make sure that the sleeves are a few inches longer than the traced ones.
  • Sew the top from its sides and the shoulder seams.
  • Hem the bottom, neckline and sleeves 1/4″ and then another 1/4″.
  • Gather the sleeves from their bottom side towards the shoulder seam line.
  • Pair it up with your favorite pair of jeans, along with a hat for the dreamy look.

2. Peter Pan Collar Top



  • Take 2 yards of cotton stretch yarnfabric in the color or print of your choice.
  • Trace one of your boxy top onto the fabric.
  • Cut the front piece.
  • While you cut out the back side of the top, it must be in two pieces, with an extra inch in the center. This extra space can be used to fix buttons or zipper.
  • Fold that extra one inch of cloth in the middle and iron it down. Now, the back side will be of the same width as your front piece.
  • Now, sew the sides, the shoulder seams and the right sides together, with the outside fabric touching.
  • It’s time to add add a zipper or buttons by sewing up the middle seam.
  • Now, trace out a peter pan collar on a piece of paper and when you think it’s perfect, then trace it out directly on the edge of the top’s neckline.
  • Sew 2 of the collar pieces together and the other side as well and leave the neckline side open.
  • Pin the front side of the collar and the inner or wrong side of the neckline to the outside of the shirt’s neckline.
  • Sew the top edges.
  • Flip the facing’s inner side towards inside and top.
  • Stitch the neckline’s edges to the facing while the collar is flipped up.
  • Now, flip the collar down and iron.
  • Cut out the sleeves by tracing out them from any of your old top.
  • Fold each in half with their right sides together. Sew them like a tube and hem.
  • Attach the sleeves at the sides while the shirt is inside out. Hem the bottom.
  • Iron and it’s done!
  • Wear it with a pencil skirt or with a pair of your favorite jeans or straight pants.