Is Your Active Wear Making You Inactive?

This one’s for exercise enthusiasts who seem to be finding trouble feeling motivated to get their fitness game on because the thought of getting into active wear is making them cringe and RUN AWAY from even the thought of exercise. Have you ever felt demotivated to go for a jog or hit the gym because it reminds you of the restrictive active wear you’re going to be wearing, especially if you are certain that you picked the correct size at the store? Don’t be surprised when we tell you that it isn’t the fit of the garment that’s the problem. It’s probably the improper elastane fibre composition in the fabric of your active attire that’s choking your body.


That’s right, the composition of the fabric of your active wear can make a huge difference to your fitness productivity levels. It’s very simple, if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothing, you will not be able to reach or cross your work out potential. What generally makes active wear uncomfortable and restrictive is the lack of elastane fibre yarn in proportion to the hard yarn in the garment fabric.

Hard yarn, as the name implies, is rigid, giving structure to the garment, while elastane fibre yarn gives it the stretch and elasticity required for controlled movement for a particular type of exercise. Naturally, if the garment has less elastane and more hard yarn, it will be rigid and make your movements frigid.

Throw away the active wear garments that make you feel trapped and get going with elastane rich active wear today!


If there is one garment which is high on both functionality and style, it has to be the good old skirt. You can bank upon the skirt whenever you want to make heads turn with the perfect statement. This versatile garment is a life saver for office goers who can pair it with different tops to don entirely different looks everyday. Although there are many varieties of skirts in the market, our wardrobe consists of only the basic designs and cuts. Maybe its time that we start experimenting with different types of skirts and equip our wardrobes with the latest skirt trends straight from the fashion runways!


  • Flared Skirts



Flared is the latest fad in fashion. It’s popularity has traversed from tops to trousers and has gradually taken over skirts. Since flared skirts can be worn in every occasion, its popularity is escalating even more. Flare skirts come with adequate quantity of elastane fibre which contours your hip section beautifully. The skirt then flares towards the bottom, exuding a very classic appeal.


  • Peasant Skirts


Coming in both casual and formal looks, peasant skirts are essentially ankle length skirts without any crimping. They are high on elastane and hence are ideal for everyone who wants to flaunt their curves. Make sure you have 2 or 3 peasant skirts in solid colors since they can be paired really well with floral tops.


  • Sarongs


People living in hot and humid regions of the world would definitely understand the importance of sarongs. It is draped on the sideways and have a very summery feel to it.

No matter which body shape and size bracket you fall in to, skirts are garments which can compliment your body better than any other garment!