No matter what the season is, scarf always adds a perfect touch to your outfits. The following are the top ways to tie a scarf knot that will let you know how differently one can tie and look stylish.

The availability of variety in fabrics, shapes and sizes makes it ideal for all seasons.

Tying a scarf doesn’t take any special skill but only the right trick. Check out the 9 top ways to tie a scarf and revamp your outfit in just few seconds:

1.Bunny Ear 

a) Drape scarf over shoulder with one end significantly longer than the other end. Loop the longer end around your neck twice in the same direction.

b) Tie a simple overhead knot with both the ends of the scarf.

c) Fit the loop over the knot so that two ends are dangling off the loop, slightly the side.

2.Infinity Loop

a) Drape scarf over shoulder so that both the ends become equidistant.

b) At the very bottom of both the ends, tie an overhead knot.

c) Tie another overhand knot to ensure that the first knot does not slip.

d) Take the loop and twist it in such a way so that it takes shape like an “8”.

e) Drape the bottom loop of the “8” over your head.

3. European loop 

a) Fold the scarf in half lengthwise.

b) Drape the folded scarf over shoulder, with the non- folded end significantly longer then the folded end.

c) Fit the non-folded end into the loop created by the folded end and tighten.

4. The Waterfall 

a) Drape scarf over shoulder, with one end significantly longer than the other end.

b) Loop the longer end around your neck, once.

c) take the end you used to loop and secure it by the top corner.

d) Fit the top corner of the loop at the side of the neck.

5. The Modern Loop 

a) Drape Scarf over shoulder with one end, slightly longer than the other end.

b) Loop the longer end around your neck, once.

c) Adjust the loop over neck and balance out the ends of the scarf.

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Slacks Are The New Stylish Formal Bottom Wear

Don’t slacken in your fashion statements at work, especially when you have bottom wear like Slacks to your rescue. What are slacks and why are we talking about it suddenly? Can it be worn to office, it sounds informal. What kind of slacks are the best for me? We have tried to answer all of these questions in this piece, just read on and take advantage of the latest slack trend for office wear.


Slacks have been around since ages, they are nothing but formal pants that can be worn without complete formal attire. By this we mean that you can wear a pair of slacks with a blouse or even t-shirt and go to work (if your office code allows you to wear t-shirts, that is) and not have to top it off with a blazer or a formal jacket. Yes, it will still be counted as formal bottom wear.

Slacks may be made of stretch fabric or non-stretch fabric, depending on where you buy it or get it tailored from.

We always suggest getting bottom wear for office that stretches because it is meant to be worn for longer hours and it helps if there is room for moving around freely with stretch. In the case of slacks we highly recommend ones made with stretch fabric because they are generally tailored for a snug fit.

So the next time you feel like dressing formal but with spunk, just put on a pair of slacks made with stretch fabric and rock a meeting, presentation, interview or just about anything!

Get The Right Bodycon Dress For You With These Two Tips

What’s the one type of dress that stays in style through the year?

If you didn’t answer that question with “Bodycon”, you might want to think again.

Fashionable or not, a bodycon dress is one that will never go unnoticed at a club, restaurant or, if you’re daring enough, even at work. It is as stylish as style can get.


All women desire to wear one but not many find the courage to. They either feel too slender or too well endowed to carry off a bodycon. We, as supporters of individual style and free self expression through style, encourage all women to try the bodycon if their heart so desires. We also offer a few tips that could help them select the bodycon for them

Curvy women could use help from getting bodycon dresses that have less bare spandex and more hard yarn in the make of the fabric of the dress… wait, what? What does that mean? That means the bodycon dress type that will make curvy women feel comfortable in their skin is one that is made with fabric that stretches but holds the body taut, in place. If you’re one who is conscious about bulges, get this bodycon dress type.

Bare spandex adds stretch to the dress to make movement easier while the hard yarn (e.g. cotton or polyester) holds the structure of the fabric in place.

Women who feel they are too slender to fit into a bodycon dress should get one that’s layered in the places where they feel they can use volume. For instance, a bodycon with ruffles at the bust or a peplum layer around the waist and butt area could be layers that flatter your body. You could wear bodycons with or without stretch and the bare spandex content in proportion to hard yarn is not of much significance.

Did that make you feel like getting a bodycon dress today?

Types of Skirts & When to Wear Skirts Tips

Skirts are evergreen. Why wouldn’t they be? They are comfortable, warm and easy going. At times, they are or are capable of being professional, way too professional too! Skirts are sexy and fun. A woman wearing a skirt is generally perceived as easy going and of a jolly sense of humor. This can be credited to the skirt-clad grandmotherly concept of a woman that appeared grandly in our story books and fairy tales. This ancient attribute has history backing it too. One of the oldest items of women’s clothing ever found was a mini-skirt made of fringe, similar to a Hawaiian grass skirt but with bronze ornaments on the lower edge which jingled when one walked. It was worn by itself or with a fitted blouse or shawl. So it won’t be wrong to say that Skirts are evergreen, quite literally!

Skirts are an essential part of our history. Skirts were the successor of loincloth in the history of mankind clothing. The cave paintings in Egypt suggest that the ancient Egyptians, irrespective of their gender, wore skirts to cover their hide. Long ago, long was the only way to go. In the Victorian era, women wore skirts as a sign of femininity and modesty. In order to not appear promiscuous, they had hoops and structure woven around the waist line. Another reason for this was the fashion of a small waist. The smaller the waist, the trendier the look. Did you know that a sixteen inch was a normal size?! Anyway, the important part is that the skirts were present in the previous times too and are still an integral part of our attire.

Coming back to the 21st century, skirts are the ultimate style symbol. There are skirts of all sorts dangling in the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. Let us have look at the types of skirt:

  • Pencil Skirts: A pencil skirt is a slim fitting narrow skirt that end falls to, or just above, the knees. It is best suited for a professional setting. The best part about this piece of clothing is that its material stretches and falls perfectly, which in turn flatters your curves most precisely. This stretch is attributed to filament yarn manufacturers who use filament yarn as their textile raw material. The yarn stretches providing excellent comfort and impeccable style.

pencil skirt made by textile raw materialWhen to wear: Formal setting; office meetings.

  • A-line Skirts: An A-line skirt is a must have in a woman’s wardrobe. An A-line skirt usually fits at the waist and then widens towards the hem line. It can be worn on semi-formal occasions or completely casual outings. A floral printed A-line skirt can be teamed with a monotonous blouse or T-shirt and vice versa.

A-line skirtWhen to wear: Semi-formal occasions like office parties; casual meetings.

  • Godet Skirts: The insertion of triangular pieces of clothing in the end of the hem makes Godet skirts a top favorite amongst the working women. This type of skirt is great for an everyday wear in an office.

godet skirtWhen to wear: Regular office day.

  • Denim skirts: Denim skirts are always in vogue. A casual brunch or a trip to the shopping mall or maybe a fun ride to a music fest, denim skirts are always a go to. Pep up your denim skirt with funky beads or cute little danglers and pump up your cool quotient.

denim skirtWhen to wear: A music fest; day out with friends.

What are listed here are only a fragment of the kind of skirts we have because there are umpteen varieties of styles and trends in the skirt culture. Skirts are essential to the world, the silhouettes around the world that mean ‘women’ say so. So, go out and own a collection of the epitome of femininity and grace! You can always use the list here!