Tips On What To Wear To Work This Monsoon

Monsoon puddles can be extremely fun, but not when you have to step out for work! Whether you like it or not they are going to be around and getting your office wear dirty is the easiest calamity during monsoon. If you follow a few easy and simple monsoon office wear tips, however, you can minimise the possibility of getting your attire dirty and stay fresh and clean for work.

Crop Leg Trousers:


These are must haves in your monsoon office wardrobe. Why? It’s fairly simple– crop leg trousers are shorter in length, they hang above your ankle, naturally making them less prone to getting wet if you encounter water-logged areas on your way. How short? You can decide how short based on your personal taste, as long as it fits within the office dress code boundaries. Ones made with Cotton Stretch Yarn made fabric are ideal, from a freedom of movement point of view.

Quarter Sleeve, Half Sleeve or Sleeveless Tops:cc6fa0aaf53ea6459bb12b7b278e06b8--crop-tops-online-womens-crop-tops.jpg

The same logic as the crop leg trousers, crop sleeve tops are ideal for monsoon weather simply because the lesser the fabric, the lesser the chances of it getting wet and staying wet, especially if you travel in non-ac transport. We suggest wearing fitted sleeveless, half or quarter sleeved tops made with cotton stretch yarn if cotton is your choice of fabric for office wear.

Light Fabric Applications:


Light Cotton Stretch Yarn or polycotton stretch yarn made fabric applications are easier to dry off because heavy cotton yarn made fabrics have a tendency to absorb more water. You can avoid jeans but wear jeggings or leggings. For tops, breezy collarless shirts make a great option. Also, avoid too much layering. The lighter, the better.

3 Must Do Summer Picnic Trends For 2017

If summer isn’t the perfect season for picnics and garden parties then when is? Since you’re going to be doing both this summer like the last, might as well do it with a bit of fresh fashion and functional garments on. Why functional? Well, you can’t go getting your legs cramped up in a tight skirt when you want to sit on the grass, and you must absolutely stay free of a Marilyn Monroe dress lift in the event of a sudden breeze flow when in the middle of a crowd. So here’s a list of fashionable and rather functional garments that we prepared keeping your need for fun and style in mind.


The Romper: if you want to show leg, let a possible breeze leave it tingling or just like rompers then rompers, also known as playsuits, are the perfect picnic wear. Since they are of mid-thigh level and above length, fitted hems on rompers would do well so that you don’t accidentally expose more than you intend to. Look for some great poly spandex or cotton spandex versions so that they provide ample stretch for free movement.

The Mom Jeans: These babies are a rage at the moment and for good reason. Don’t get us wrong we love the good old skinnies but the level of comfort offered by a regular cut mom jeans is out of the world, especially if you manage to get a high quality poly spandex one that offers the maximum comfort and superb style. P.S.- it’s also easy on the pocket.

Baggy Trousers: if it’s a formal garden party you must attend, there’s nothing like a stylish pair of baggy trousers that can keep you cool, comfortable and looking chic as if out of a summer catalogue. Linen is a baggy trousers staple but there are amazing cotton and synthetic variants available in the market for you to try on. We won’t push our love for poly spandex in this one!

If any of these summer picnic wear trends struck your fancy, then don’t fall behind, get them now!