Importance of Spandex in Active Wear

One of the most important factor of active clothing is that it should be equipped with adequate stretch. Hence, Inviya, a leading Indian Filament Yarn Manufacturer is constantly working out to develop high quality Inviya Stretch fibre which can empower athletes and fitness freaks with superior comfort and performance. If you are someone who love the old school way of working out in baggy pants and loose t-shirts, here are some reasons why you should finally switch to clothes that stretch.

  1. As a material, spandex has a unique multi-dimensional stability. This property helps people to move as freely as they would like to without being restricted by the clothes. In India, Inviya stretch fibre is the preffered choice among clothing manufacturers for any active wear range.


2.Any leading Indian filament yarn manufacturer would vouch for the fact that the moisture wicking and sweat absorbent property of spandex yarn is better than all other fibres in town. This property also enhances productivity by keeping the person fresh and active all through out the exercise session.


3.Spandex yarns like Inviya Stretch Fibre also helps to keep your clothes long and strong even after regular and repeated usage. It is resistant to the harmful effects of detergents and hence dont get damaged even after regular washing.

Hence, invest on the right kind of clothes while gymming and working out and watch productivity flowing in from all corners.

Benefits of Inviya – The New Freedom Fibre


Since the last few years, the demand for spandex fibre in India has greatly increased. Since every garment now-a-days require a little amount of spandex, the popularity has spiked up to a great extent.

When it comes to spandex manufacturers in India, Inviya Spandex fibre in India is a popular name. Inviya, the new freedom fibre is in fact the first and the only spandex manufactured in India. Inviya, thus, is a major name when it comes to the market of spandex fibre in India. There are many properties of this fibre which makes it rather popular among garment manufacturers. Here are some advantages of having this new freedom fibre in your clothes.

1. Inviya I-300
Inviya I-300 is a special spandex fibre developed by Inviya for versatile usage across all types of garments. It is a high quality spandex fibre which helps you to perform better an dstay comfortable.

2. Highly versatile denier range
Inviya is a superior quality spandex fibre in India which has a very wide range of deniers. Since denier quality determines the quality of stretch in your clothes, choosing spandex by Inviya is the wisest thing to do!

3. Can be combined with a variety of textiles
Inviya has the ease to be combined with a wide range of textile raw materials like cotton, polyamide, polyester, viscose, linen, silk, cashmere and wool.

4. Omni-directional Movement
With various features features like high tenacity, shape stability, heat resistance, and higher elongation power, Inviya is extremely beneficial for comfortable and unrestricted movement!

Leggings are popular and will always be with stretch in demand

Leggings are popular and will always be with stretch in demand

Almost every woman has at least 3-4 pair of leggings today and the popularity of leggings is rising each day. There were days back when only the coloured leggings were into existence and were loved for the ultimate comfort they provided. With great stretch and flexibility, the demand led to the manufacturing of stylish and designer leggings.

Advent of spandex fibre in India brought a revolution in the stretch market. This new freedom fibre can stretch to upto 6 times its original length and this is the reason that leggings with high stretch and flexibility brings comfort along.

Used for Aerobics and Fitness Exercises

In 1980’s, the leggings came into demand for aerobics and exercises since they were highly comfortable. With great range of sizes and colours, they were liked by all. They were loved not only for their comfort and versatility but also for their inexpensive pricing.

Office Wear Collection

Over the recent years, leggings have even entered the segment of formal wear. There is no doubt that the quality has sustainably improved since the early years of manufacturing, but at the same time the designing an d styling has also paved the way for the ultimate choice of leggings in fashion industry.

Becoming more and more prevalent in fashion industry, it is likely to get even more in demand in coming 30 years as well. Spandex is one of the finest fibres used to create stretch in these leggings. Leggings can accompany almost every type of outfit.

Tops to keep you stylish throughout the year


If you want to keep your wardrobes ever-stylish, you need to update them regularly. Especially before the onslaught of a new season, a wardrobe update is more than necessary. A woman’s top-wear tends to vary from season to season. Unlike bottom-wear, you cannot wear all your summer tops during autumn. Hence, every season requires a definite set of tops if you want to look gorgeous and attractive.

The first thing which you should consider before buying tops and shirts is the fabric. Among all the popular fabrics available in the market, cotton and spandex are the best fabrics to opt for in top-wear. Spandex fibre in India is slowly emerging as the new freedom fibre since clothes infused with spandex are both functional and fashionable.

Moreover, tops rich in spandex content give you a figure hugging look and can be paired well with jeans, trousers, skirts, and palazzos.  Spandex fibre in India is widely used in tops because of the stretchable properties which help to highlight body contours. It is the new freedom fibre which can keep you at your stylish best through all the seasons of the year.

Here are a few tops which you can pair with ease with any kind of bottom-wear.

•    Boat-neck tops are ideal for every occasion and can beautifully accentuate your shoulder region.

•    Butterfly tops are good for a casual day out when loose and relaxed is the order of the day.

•    Spaghetti tops look extremely stylish and are ideal to beat the summer heat. Although they are mostly classified as summer tops, they can be well paired up with beautiful shrugs during the relatively colder seasons.