Inviya – Revolutionizing Dressing Sense

Inviya is the branded Spandex product from Indian Spandex manufacturer, Indorama Industries Limited. This will revolutionize the industry of textile raw material in India. Indorama is a pioneer in the field as it is the first and only company to manufacture Spandex in India.


How to Buy a Perfect Shaper


Today, shapewears made by finest air covered yarn are quite popular among women. These trendy shapewears have replaced the old corsets that compress ribs and internal organs, and make women unable to breathe properly. Shapewears, specifically designed by Inviya spandex yarn, are useful, comfortable and offer a natural & perfect looking shape. But keeping few things in concern before buying a shapewear is important. So note down these essential things right now:

1. Decide the required control

All Inviya spandex yarn shapers come with different support levels, so they work differently. All you need to do is to check tags and product descriptions before trying & buying any item, else it would be a sheer waste of time and money.

2. Read care instructions

Before purchasing any shaper, read the care instructions properly. It’s important to have a detailed knowledge of your shapewear’s material and washing instructions.

3. Try before buy

Trying is important before buying shapewears designed by air covered yarn. Even if you are trying your size in different shaper’s brand, try that brand’s size too as same-sized shapewears fit, shape and look differently.

4. See before-and-after pictures just for reference

Never ever make your purchase decision based on the before-and-after photos. They are just for reference purpose. Even if the photos are perfect, then too try your shapewear as what works for the picture model might not work for you.

5. Buy the proper size

Always buy a perfect size of your shapewear made by Inviya spandex yarn. Buying a size smaller or bigger will not solve your purpose of wearing shapers.

So don’t buy anything in haste and always search for a perfect shapewear. Keep these tips in mind and end up buying a best shaper made by the premium air covered yarn that snugs and shapes your body flawlessly.

Skirts – Bold, Bright and Trendy

No matter what, the freedom a woman experiences in a skirt is unmatchable with any other fashion clothing. A perfect skirt accentuates a woman’s looks and gives her a sense of confidence that boosts her morale. Style is undoubtedly the first thing that is on a girl’s mind when she heads out for shopping. But the next thing for sure, is comfort. And nothing can replace the comfort an outfit made of freedom fibre INVIYA provides.



From times immemorial, skirts have been a part of our culture and fashion. The origin of skirt dates back to 3900 B.C. when it was discovered in Armenia in the Areni-1 Cave complex. Although skirts are generally known across the world as women wear, if we go back in history, skirts used to be worn by men as well.

In fact, mini skirts, which are typically believed to have its origins from the western culture, were worn in early and medieval times by tribal women.

As skirt is a garment that hangs around the waist, covering all or parts of legs, it provides great level of comfort to the one wearing it. With a perfect skirt, one can perform a lot of activities without much of hassle. It definitely is an essential part of women’s clothing since centuries and has been a synonym to both eroticism and elegance.

India is a country where fashion in all forms is welcomed with open hands. There is a huge number of large and small scale textile companies in India that are involved in aggressive cloth manufacturing to cater to the ever-changing and ever-increasing demands of fashionistas in our country. And hence, we love and adore skirts. Over a period of time, they have become an inevitable part of our everyday clothing.

But as every woman has her own style of dressing depending on her body shape and personality, skirts too, come in various shapes, sizes and patterns to give every woman a distinctive look of her own and match her taste and choice. While a lot of women would like to conceal their lower curves with flowing skirts, a lot others would want to highlight them with skin – fitted, assets – enhancing skirts. And for perfect skin-fitted skirts, elasticity of fibre is very essential.

Have you ever wondered what it is that gives that perfect stretch-to-fit feel to those lovable skirts of yours? Have you ever given it a thought that how you are able to acquire that to-die-for look and catch hundreds of eyeballs?

This is where the role of INVIYA ® fibre comes in. This is a new revolutionary branded spandex product that has set high standards for other textile companies in India. The fibre nowadays is used in any and every category of clothing; be it active wear, sportswear, nightwear, innerwear, swimwear, stretch denim, socks or stockings. Spandex in India is manufactured by Indorama Industries, which is the first manufacturer of Spandex fibre by the brand name of INVIYA ®. With the increasing demand of comfort wears, not even a single category of clothing is bereft of the presence of INVIYA ® in the fabric.

Coming back to skirts, they are not just a part of the metropolitan culture in India. In fact, their form is much evolved and experimented with, than any other country in the world. The most famous trademark garment of our country – Saree, has a petticoat beneath, which is also an evolved form of a skirt being used as a base for wrapping the Sari over it. In states like Rajasthan, “Gher wala Ghaghra” worn with a blouse is a famous traditional wear.

So every woman should be thankful to Freedom Fibre INVIYA ® for providing them with this freedom fibre that caters to all their Fashion and Comfort needs.

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