Easy Diy Summer Dresses For The Fashionista In You

When summer strikes with its scorching heat, we find refuge in everything that’s cool or breezy. The hot weather makes us to shed anything that feels uncomfortable, be it the spicy and oily food or the heavy clothing. Generally, people like to wear something that is comfortable and light . If you don’t have enough dresses for summer or in need of more, then here’s a little help. We’ll help you make your own summer dresses following a few simple steps at home that will make you look like a fashion goddess.

1. White short sleeved blouse



  • Take around 1.5 yards of Cotton Stretch Yarn
  • Take a top that fits you well and trace it on the fabric. The fabric should be folded from the middle in a way that both front and back can be traced and cut in one go. Keep two inches of extra cloth on all sides while cutting.
  • Cut the fabric and make sure that the sleeves are a few inches longer than the traced ones.
  • Sew the top from its sides and the shoulder seams.
  • Hem the bottom, neckline and sleeves 1/4″ and then another 1/4″.
  • Gather the sleeves from their bottom side towards the shoulder seam line.
  • Pair it up with your favorite pair of jeans, along with a hat for the dreamy look.

2. Peter Pan Collar Top



  • Take 2 yards of cotton stretch yarnfabric in the color or print of your choice.
  • Trace one of your boxy top onto the fabric.
  • Cut the front piece.
  • While you cut out the back side of the top, it must be in two pieces, with an extra inch in the center. This extra space can be used to fix buttons or zipper.
  • Fold that extra one inch of cloth in the middle and iron it down. Now, the back side will be of the same width as your front piece.
  • Now, sew the sides, the shoulder seams and the right sides together, with the outside fabric touching.
  • It’s time to add add a zipper or buttons by sewing up the middle seam.
  • Now, trace out a peter pan collar on a piece of paper and when you think it’s perfect, then trace it out directly on the edge of the top’s neckline.
  • Sew 2 of the collar pieces together and the other side as well and leave the neckline side open.
  • Pin the front side of the collar and the inner or wrong side of the neckline to the outside of the shirt’s neckline.
  • Sew the top edges.
  • Flip the facing’s inner side towards inside and top.
  • Stitch the neckline’s edges to the facing while the collar is flipped up.
  • Now, flip the collar down and iron.
  • Cut out the sleeves by tracing out them from any of your old top.
  • Fold each in half with their right sides together. Sew them like a tube and hem.
  • Attach the sleeves at the sides while the shirt is inside out. Hem the bottom.
  • Iron and it’s done!
  • Wear it with a pencil skirt or with a pair of your favorite jeans or straight pants.

5 reasons why is Inviya stretch fibre here to stay

Inviya stretch fibre here to stay

Can you imagine your life today without stretchable leggings, or skinny jeans and dresses that fit and accentuate your curves? Even if you are not a big fashion fan, I can guarantee that you have something or the other made from stretch fibre in your closet.

The revolution in the stretch fibre industry was made by Inviya stretch fibre: a ‘freedom’ fibre that claims exceptional strength and elasticity. Indian filament yarn manufactures at Inviya believe that they can maintain their credibility by doing justice to their claim of a ‘freedom’ fibre.

Here is a list of five reasons why I think Inviya Stretch fibre makes a good style investment:

1. Spandex: The Inviya stretch fibre is mainly composed of spandex, which is more elastic that rubber and has a high tensile strength, hence making it a great choice for Indian Filament yarn manufactures because of its ability to withstand higher changes in temperature and maintaining efficiency athigh speed looms and spools.

2. The durability: Sinceit is very elastic, Inviya stretch fibre can last longer than its counterparts in the industry. This property is specifically useful when it comes to making cheaper and shape-maintaining garments.

3. Fashionable: Inviya stretch fibre is used to make clothing like leggings, stretchable denim and dresses- something that has been in trend for long and have no chance of ever going out! In that way, Inviya makes an ideal fashion statement being comfortable in the same place.

4. Combined properties: Air covered yarn is a mix of Inviya with other synthetic materials like nylon or polyester by the application of nozzle-applied compressed air, and Core spun yarn is Inviya enveloped with fibres to produce a stretchable yarn

5. Comfort: Being stretchable, this fibre gives rise to fabric and clothing that is very comfortable and chic. After all, what even is style if it isn’t comfortable?

So the next time you are impressed by the fit of spandex, you’d know why it is a great investment!

Make Way for Today’s Fashion Genie – The New Fashion Fibre

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence” conjured the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Amidst all of fashion’s mood swings, runway trends or style what forms the basis of fashion is ‘Freedom’; freedom to express yourself, to be confident, to feel beautiful inside out and most importantly to be comfortable.

Fashion FibreSomething that sets you apart and liberates you from the conventional or the usual is what defines fashion in true sense. And that is what brings me to the concept of Fashion Fibre, a revolutionary fibre that has exceptional stretch, comfort & fit qualities. Imagine if your beloved denims, that party top or your favorite beachwear could fulfill all purposes in one i.e. not just make you look gorgeous but also gives you the perfect fit & comfort to go with it.

Be it a size zero or plus size, the new stretch fibre makes fashion comfortable for every size & type without compromising on the style quotient. INVIYA®, is the new age fashion fibre which has bought a new kind of fabolution in the fashion industry with its unique and versatile fibre I-300 which when infused with fashion apparels lends extra comfort, perfect shape and freedom of movement to the wearer. From denims, ready to wear, casual, active, shape wear and intimate wear, this fashion fibre is perfecto for all.

There would have been times when you felt head over heels over a fantastic dress but when you donned it, it failed to give you the perfect fit and shape. Fashion is all about accentuating your curves in such a way that you look stylish with lot of panache to hold on to. INVIYA®’s I-300 range when infused with your dress gives you the perfect snug and fit, accentuating your curves like none other. The new fashion fibre adds testimony to the notion that fashion can be comfortable and easy.

We’ve all been through that age when we all get succumbed to peer pressure and the notion of matching up to fashion & being stylish haunts us like a crucial exam to be passed. For today’s fashion-o-holics, what matters most is that they can go to any extent to show how glamorous, modish and stylish they are. Just to show that they follow fashion, they keep on trying everything that is in trend. But in achieving this they do negotiate on certain elements like comfort, fit, size and the overall look. I too had to face the ordeal as I became too embarrassed about my weight and shape, the extra flab used to just fall from places making me conscious & look damn ugly in whatever I wore; from loose tops to oversized clothes, my wardrobe was filled with outfits that made me look more bloated. But thanks to the new stretch fibre which has come as a fashion genie for all.

With a penchant for fashion, today I can wear whatever I want to and look absolutely amazing and hot. Because INVIYA® with its I-300 fashion range makes outfit that snugs your body so accurately that you feel it like your second skin, it’s that awesome. It gives me the freedom to do fashion my way, my style. I don’t follow trends now but create my own. And when people ask me the reason of my confidence, I just feel like thanking INVIYA® for making such a splendid product.

So, all my lovely, stunning and dazzling ladies, don’t let fashion rule you, instead you rule fashion by setting up your own style trademark which upholds Fashion comes from Freedom belief. I will be back next time with yet another interesting topic on fashion forward, till then BE YOU, BE BOLD and keep it stylish always.

Image Source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainable_fashion