The ever increasing cases of this rampant pandemic has pushed back the work from office days for now. Working from home is the new normal which, let’s be real, we have welcomed with open arms. Staying comfortable at home and not having to worry about having to physically appear at the office and still earring? Yes please! However, a comfortable working space at home doesn’t give you the green light to show up to online meetings in PJs. Here are 10 tips to look on top of your game, even if it’s from home.

  • Take out some time for your hair and make up.

While it is tempting to ditch that make up kit, looking like a hot mess will only interest you for a few days, max. Keep up the “Look Good, Feel Good” mentality even during WFH. Not only will it make you look flawless but it will also throw in that extra confidence. However, skin comes first and you’ve got the opportunity to take care of your skin by giving it a break. How do we tackle this then? Minimalism is the answer.

Drop the everyday, all-out routine and just apply some cc cream, a hint of bronzer/blush and a good handy lip shade. Not only will it save your skin from breakouts but it will give you that no make up look and make you feel like a diva.

For hair, an easy low ponytail/bun with a middle part will make you look tidy and focused. For men, make sure to groom your beard and hair to avoid a shabby carefree look. Consider companies like Beardo, The Man Company etc. your best companions for WFH.


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  • Focus on styling yourself- waist up. 

Dressing up for zoom/skype meetings can get a little tricky at times. We always find ourselves drowning in the doubts of what to wear and what not. The key to looking prepped up is focusing on what you look like waist up.

Meetings on your laptops are going to confine you to a little rectangular box on your peer’s screen.You can be business on the top and cozy on the bottom. An easy outfit idea for WFM is wearing a sophisticated vest over a button-down shirt. Rather than styling your shirt with a pair of trousers, you can opt for comfy pajamas or spandex yoga pants and fuzzy slides. Since nobody can see what you’re wearing on the bottom, why not stay comfortable?


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  • Don’t get TOO comfortable.

Although it is a universal fact that  Pj’s and sweats are comfy, and you may not see any one the entire day however, not getting dressed for work can affect your productivity.  When you look professional, you feel more professional, and it shows in your bottom line.

It’s perfectly fine to dress casually and comfortably when you work from home, but it’s also important to look appropriate. In other words, when working from home, you should dress stylishly pulled together and well-groomed, not like a mess. Spandex leggings can be paired with regular torsos to give you a good professional look while keeping it casual and comfy

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  • Bright and colourful

Why not breathe a little more life into your working-from-home wardrobe by choosing bright and colorful clothes in lieu of a black or white one? Working at home can be lonely, and it’s easy to get into a dreary rut by wearing dull colors. Lift your spirits, feel more confident, creative, and productive in a bright color print, or multi-color print.

Bright and colourful

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  • Accessorize

Accessorizing your outfits will give it that extra stylish look. Whether it’s a colourful ribbon , hoop earrings or layering dainty necklaces, add your accessories into your outfit to give it that pop of vogue look.


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  • Mix neutral and bold colours

If you feel best in your trusty jeans, wear some color in your T-shirt or top. If whatever you’re wearing is pretty colorless, throw a vibrant scarf around your shoulders or wear some colorful flip-flops or fuzzy slippers. Like Eiseman said “Even the color of your socks — especially if you are not wearing shoes — can help lift a mood.”

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  • Mix and Match

Mix and match different outfit ideas and keep experimenting with new styles. Some examples are crop tops paired with a blazer while you keep it comfy waist down with a nice pair of spandex leggings or maybe comfy lowers paired with v necked formals.


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  • Invest into basics

Basic coloured t-shirts can look good with almost anything. Whether you are pairing them with denim jeans, pencil skirts or blazers, you’ll always get that comfy yet professional look. Investing into basics is a big yes!

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  • Comfortable yet chic

Look comfortable but chic by adding bohemian prints or preppy jewellery to anything you are wearing. Not only will it make you look dressed up and presentable, you’ll also be able to show off your online buys even from home!


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  •  In form but at ease

Lastly, you can look formal but at ease by wearing an overshirt. Just as the name suggests, an overshirt can be worn over a t-shirt or light jumper. This classic look balances both casual and formal style in one go.  Keep a couple or all buttons open, roll your cuffs back a turn or two and tuck it into a pair of smart trousers that are woven with added spandex  for maximum ease of wear.

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