Be College Ready With The Right Wardrobe Essentials

For all those people who are wondering, making the right impression at college with the right clothes and accessories is something which is creating a mental uproar among teenagers who will be starting college soon.


What Makes Spandex Both Functional and Fashionable?

What Makes Spandex Both Functional and Fashionable?Spandex has revolutionized the meaning of comfort clothing. With its incredible stretch features, it has fine-tuned style with comfort. What could be more liberating than clothes which become your second skin and lend you the ease to stretch, bend, and move? There are many textile companies in India which are blending the properties of spandex with other textile raw materials to create breathable fabrics with unimaginable stretch and undeniable comfort.

If your wardrobe is cluttered with clothes which you can no longer wear, you would know how important stretch fibre can be to your clothes. Here are three of your favorite garments which would not have been lying in a forgotten corner of your closet had they been empowered with the properties of spandex.

  • Denims

You could have easily slipped into your favorite pair of denims, which revoke warm memories of your carefree college days, had it been blended with the ultimate stretch quotient of spandex. If you have gained a few extra pounds since then, fret not because denims now come with the stretchable property of spandex which not only adds to your comfort but also flatters body contours.

  • Cotton shirts

Cotton is synonymous with comfort. Everyone has a favourite cotton shirt which is their best bet whenever they are in doubt. Unfortunately, cotton tends to shrink after repetitive usage and does not have impressive stretch properties. The presence of spandex in cotton shirts can accentuate your curves and also provide figure hugging comfort.

  • Gymming clothes

If you are particular about your health and work-out regularly, you would know how queasy it feels to exercise in uncomfortable clothes. Spandex is used extensively in active wear to give you the complete freedom while engaging in physical activities. Spandex is also resistant to the effects of body oils and perspiration which is an added advantage.

If you like to dress in clothes which are edgy and comfortable, check out for the presence of spandex in it to enjoy unrestricted movement.