Textile Raw Materials: The Growth Factor

Inviya textile raw material

Textile Raw Material

Textile is a thriving industry in India, with a host of manufactures involved in producing various varieties of premium quality Filament & Core Spun Yarn for domestic and international markets. Like every other industry in the world, textile industry also abounds in many medium to large sized firms with an extensive portfolio of services. Manufactures that have been successfully operating in the industry for several years now have an advantage over the smaller or medium sized businesses. Loaded with expertise and experience, they have set up a wide distribution and transportation network almost in all the major markets and claim to cover the remotest customer at the same time ensuring fast delivery of services.
Yarn manufactures in India provide innovative textile solutions and optimum quality, branded yarns for customers at every level of the supply chain. One can find a number of eminent filament yarn manufactures in India, manufacturing filament yarns in Polyester, Polypropylene, Viscose and Nylon at large scale for textile end uses and industrial applications. They offer a vast range of utmost quality filament yarns extensively used in embroidery, weaving and stitching applications. These yarns are processed from top quality Textile Raw Material at par with high industry parameters. Manufactured by using highly engineered Textile Raw Material, their innovative, value-added filaments and fibers are traded in all major markets – be it domestic or international. Known for their soft texture, subtle finish, excellent strength, soothing colors and durability, these yarns are being extensively used in textile industries.
The two most popular textile materials that manufactures in India manufacture most are Core Spun Yarns. Spandex is very flexible and is able to resist perspiration, cosmetic oils and lotions. It is very sturdy, light, comfortable & wrinkle resistant. Raw material required to produce Spandex Yarns is PolyTHF. It is responsible for the noticeably elastic qualities of the spandex. The flexibility of spandex makes it the most suitable fabric for making sports apparel such as cycling shorts and wet suits. Filament Yarns, on the other hand, are made from long and continuous strands of fiber using some very common spinning processes.
These yarns literally have fashion in their every fiber. They are the atoms of the fashion universe. One snag and the fashion industry would lose its essence. There are wonderful fiber brands in the market, one of them being INVIYA®; the world leaders in spandex manufacture. The introduction of these fashionable yarns has bought a revolution in the clothing industry; from big fashion to apparel houses all are going crazy about this new fabulous creation. It has been said that fashion fades but style remains eternal but according to market experts’ these amazing yarns are here to create a new beginning.
So friends, next time you’re pitched in for some fabric shopping, choose the new icon in town which will not only make you feel comfortable but also very stylish. Whatever maybe your body type, you don’t have to compromise on anything now. Just feel good & look good in whatever you wear.

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