Say Hello To Poly Spandex In Fashion

What happens when two plastics come together to create a fashion garment?


Yes, boom.

Gone are the days when garments made of synthetic fabrics were frowned upon. Check the fashion runways and you’ll be surprised by how many designers a
re choosing synthetic fabrics and blends over natural ones. This is happening because these “plastic” fabrics are cheaper to manufacture and can be moulded easily to suit designer sensibilities. Heat, treat and create– subject plastics to heat to change their structure, treat them with chemical processes to add special properties like flame retardation and water resistance to say the least, and create all types of blends using different permutations and combinations to produce innovative, fashionable and functional garments.

Two “plastics” that work together to create the best of fast fashion garments are spandex and polyester, more commonly known as .

Try imagining a world without fashion bathing suits that not only look good on you but support your body while you cut through beach and pool water like a pro. Imagine a world without your favourite pair of jeggings that give a sculpted look to your legs and let you break into a run whenever the need arises. Imagine that perfect shiny bodycon dress without the stretch that lets you breathe unlike one made with a stiff fabric. Don’t forget the stockings that add a hint of glam to your daily office wear.

All of these garments are fabulous. All of them are the marvelous products of nothing other than Poly Spandex.

So the next time a designer garment interests you on the runway, get yourself some poly spandex fabric and create your own, it’s that easy– economical, fashionable and functional.

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